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Part 85: Appendix: Mercenary Heroes (Plot)

Mercenary Heroes - Plot

The following Heroes are found only in the main campaign, and can't be hired in the Hall of Heroes of most normal maps. However, they can be purchased in the Conflux shop, afterwhich they can be chosen as the Main Hero.

Note that other Heroes like Anton and Kaspar are purchased the same way; these are just the ones you won't have the chance to control during the main campaign itself.


Gladiator: +2 Might Power
Vindicator (Blood Might)

Biography: Born to a lesser baron in the Greyhound Duchy, Elisabeth would've grown an unremarkable player in the affairs of Ashan were it not for a chance encounter with the young Duke of Griffin. Slava fell in love with the fiery beauty at first sight during a formal reception at Falcon's Reach. The feeling was mutual, and the pair would have wed were it not for the intervention of the Holy Emperor himself.
Slava was forced to marry Cate, a daughter of the Stag Duchy, and Elisabeth was discarded like stale bread - except Slava couldn't keep away. A bastard child, Sandor, was the result. Discreetly housed near Eastalon, the ducal house of Griffin, Elisabeth raised her son a warrior.
Bitter at her fate that she believes was stolen by Cate, Elisabeth keeps her resentment simmering, silent and reserved, except when she has the chance to gloat.

Master of Warcries: Warcries are 6% more effective.
Vindicator (Blood Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: Paranoid and merciless to his detractors, observant and uncompromising to his supporters, Gerhart is a hard, pragmatic man who runs the House of Wolf with ruthless efficiency. Not that many would call themselves supporters. Parties with mutually-aligned interests might be a better label for those who dance with this stone cold duke.
Gerhart has love for nothing save his own empowerment, the ruin of his enemies, and maybe, just maybe, his bloodthirsty Dire-Wolves.

Liam Falcon
Delver of the Royal Purse: +350 gold/day.
Vindicator (Blood Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: Liam Falcon, the Holy Emperor, publicly pledges himself to the glory of Elrath, the Dragon of Light, but in truth, what Liam seeks most is a place in history. Unable to sire his own heirs despite two successive marriages, the throne is likely to pass to his young niece Gwendolyn upon his death. This needles Liam greatly.
To compensate for his lack of success in the royal chambers he seeks victories on the battlefield instead. A war with the Elves of Tuidhana, and a campaign to rid his Empire of Orcs is the result.
Ambitious, vain and bitter, Liam Falcon is a great danger not only to the Holy Empire, but also to Ashan itself.


Delver of the Royal Purse: +350 gold/day.
Warmonger (Blood Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: Sharka, a powerful Orc warlord who rules several tribes in the Pao Islands of the Jade Ocean, gives those who cross his path two choices: swear loyalty or die.
Sharka's cut-and-dry philosophy stemmed from a severe upbringing, where his tribal elders instilled a powerful desire for survival in their offspring through a coming-of-age ritual that pitted Orc against Nature, Orc against Orc, and Orc against All.
Abandoned on a small, hostile island, twenty Orc youths would fight for as long as it took to establish one true leader among their number. For every oath of allegiance, an Orc would be marked. At the end of the trial, the Orc marked most -who'd switched loyalties most often- would be banished.
Sharka won his year without a single mark on his skin.


Expert Trainer: +1 Elite Creature growth/week
Death Knight (Blood Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: A Wizard of the Seven Cities seduced by the twisted beauty of the Spider Goddess, Haffayed became a Necromancer while under the tutelage of Aguirre.
Despite holding a small grudge against the Griffin family (having been passed up in favor of Sveltana for the task of accompanying Aguirre on his odyssey to find the Mother Namtaru), Haffayad remains civil to his rivals. He dreams of performing heroic feats in the name of Asha, and hopes to be rewarded with personal fame for his unwavering belief.

Lord of the Vacant: +2 Lich and Archlich growth/week
Reaper (Blood Magic)

Biography: Miranda is a highborn Lady of exquisite charm and manners, a butterfly of the Seven Cities who flutters around, pleasing but harmless.
At least, that's what she'd have you believe. Beneath this superficial facade, Miranda is a fully-fledged Necromancer - and not one of the lowest-ranking initiates either. Through long years of secretive study and politicking she has become part of the inner circle of Death Lords that leads the cult.
Ruthless, ambitious and armed with the sweetest smile in Ashan, Miranda's singular goal is to one day become the head of this rising sect - irrespective of the price.

Painless: +2 Might Defense
Bone Guard (Tears Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: One of the greatest Griffins to ever live, Ishtvan forged a name for his family as guardians of the Empire. He recieved the Ancestral Sword of the Griffin from the hands of the Archangels Uriel and Sarah but refused to wield it.
Ishtvan has found himself wandering Ashan as a lost spirit ever since his life was cut short in mysterious circumstances, probably involving poison.
Death hasn't placated his boisterous spirit though, and, in fact, given the insulting manner of his demise, Ishtvan is livelier than ever, boldy proclaiming to any who would listen that it is the Dragon of Air, Ylath, rather than the Dragon of Light, Elrath, that the House of Griffin should worship.
Suspicious of the Angels who walk his land exalting Elrath, Ishtvan gleefully haunts his descendants, reminding them that they have the blood of Ylath flowing through their veins.


Paragon of Vigour: Kenshi and Kensei have +25 Health
War Master (Blood Might)
Unique Sprite

Biography: Lord Hiroshi, a daimyo of the Eternal Empress, is a powerful member of the Naga ruling class. A devoted agent of Shalassa's will, he has nevertheless become somewhat jaded over time, and no longer feels the surge of adrenaline any challenges to his honor would have provoked.
His calm, unruffled demeanor is often mistaken for apathy, but Hiroshi's warrior spirit, now tainted with bitterness, is still to be found in his barbed words. He enjoys mocking all and sundry, but reserves his most cutting remarks for those who pose a threat to his authority.