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Part 5: The Other Side of Town

Update 4: The Other Side of Town

Julius' party are not the only adventurers in the world of Cron. Today, let's follow the exploits of another group...


A tall figure, its entire stick-thin body wrapped tightly in a black cloak, stepped into the Inn of Middlegate.

"I am seeking minions to rebuild my kingdom of terror -- er, that is, allies to join in my adventures and share in the wealth we shall surely earn. Who among you will dare to answer the call of Gothmog?"

"I am Vormav, the Wizard. Surely you have heard of me? If you want to succeed, you should let me join you."
"Excellent! Another sorcerer will complement my power perfectly."
"A sorcerer? Bah! I am no caller of spirits, too weak to rely on his own mind and his own strength! I am a Wizard, and don't you forget it!"

"I couldn't help but overhear you two speaking of the arcane arts. Is there room for a third sorcerer in your party?"
"Apparently you didn't hear that I am a Wizard. Besides, you are a dwarf. What good are you?"
"I am not just any dwarf, young man: I am Chunko Splendid, scholar of ancient and forbidden magics. Admittedly, my education leans more toward theory than practice, but occasionally I am forced to adventure to fund my research. Now is such a time. Are you in need of my help?"
"Fine, fine, you can join. We will let you stand in front and take hits for us if you are so eager."

"Ha! I think not! That task shall fall to my manservant, Eastman. Eastman, introduce yourselves to these nice people."
"I am Eastman! I seek... seek... uh, what do I seek again?"
"You seek the Amazing Rando."
"Right, him! I seek him for... uh..."
"Revenge! You seek him for revenge, you great oaf! Of course, at this rate you'll never find him, if he ever existed in the first place. And in the meantime, Eastman here is the most loyal follower I could ask for... as long as I keep a close eye on him. Speaking of keeping an eye on people, my personal doctor should be around here somewhere. Brad? Where have you run off to?"

"I'm here, I'm here! Jeez! You don't pay me enough to stick with you every hour of the day."
"Are you sure he's a doctor?"
"Relax! What are you lookin' at me like that for? I bleed Eastman and Chunko once a day and you don't hear them complaining!"
"You have experience in drawing blood, you say? Most excellent. Yes, I am sure I shall have a use for you. Now, if only we had someone versed in the arts of stealth..."

"Stealth, you say?"
"Gah! Where did you come from?"
"I guess that means I passed the first test. My name's Waddle Dee, and you seem like an adventuring party looking for someone to take care of locks and traps. How about giving me a try? All I need in return is a fair share of the party's earnings: I'm a little short of funds right now."
"If you're such a great thief, why not just break into some rich guy's house?"
"Oh, I couldn't do that. I'm trying to earn an honest living, after all."
"An honest living. As a robber. Now I've heard everything."
"Well, I'm not so much a robber as a stealthy lockpicker."
"How do you pick locks without any fingers?"
"What do you mean?"
"What do I mean? I mean that you... you know what? I think I will just stay far away from you whenever you try to open anything. Come on, all of you, it's time to go."

"Wait, where are we going?"
"Good question. I guess we'll wander around until some idiots attack us, then beat them up and steal their money."

"Like these jerks. You guys can handle them, right?"

Inept Wizards only have 2 hit points each, so this fight should be easy...

... but if you give them a chance to attack, they can do this to the entire party.

If there had been five wizards instead of four, and the two who had survived the first round had both cast Lightning Bolt, the party might be dead now. Instead, they won without too much difficulty.

"Yay, a treasure chest!"


"Damn it all, they're still finding ways to electrocute us even after their deaths. At least we earned some gold for our trouble, and what looks like some kind of exotic weapon..."
"Yes, indeed. I'll be taking that."
"Will you, now? You can't just--"
"I trust there are no objections?"
"No, no, none at all. Well, now that we have some money, perhaps we can buy some weapons."

"On the other hand, perhaps not."
"Hey, this place sells green tickets for the arena! We can go there and fight for more money!"

"Now, Eastman, be sure not to lose these."
"Lose what?"
"The tickets."
"What tickets?"
"The green things, you imbecile! Look, just follow the rest of us and don't drop anything."

"Fighting for the amusement of spectators... it seems I'm about to find out how Leon felt..."
"What was that?"
"Oh, nothing."

"What dread foes will we face? Will it be the fearsome Sludge Beast, or the vicious Hypnobeetle?"

"Looks like a bunch of sick old men to me. Man, they must need the prize money for healing, but how desperate can you get? Oh well. I bet they've got all sorts of weird diseases for me to experiment with!"

"Those flea-infested rags they're wearing are quite flammable, too. This should be easy enough."

"I don't feel right about fighting cripples. You'll have to do this without me."
"Bah! You're useless anyway. I can do this on my own!"

"I spoke too soon..."

That didn't go too badly. Cripples only have 1 HP, but their attacks can inflict disease, which prevents party members from recovering health when they rest. Curing diseased party members could have taken quite a chunk out of the prize money.

"Is that all you've got? Bring on the next lot of gimps!"

"Brad, perhaps you should be careful what you wish for..."
"Don't be stupid. They're just weak undead, and I am a cleric..."

Flesh Eaters are weak, but they can also inflict disease, so it's best to kill them quickly.

"Ha! And they said that a dwarf could never make it as a sorcerer. I can hurl Flame Arrows with the best of them! Who's our next opponent?"

"Oh dear."

"What did I ever do to deserve this? Besides the necromancy and the mass murder and..."

The Mini Rexes were stronger and tougher than the other opponents the party had faced, but they had no special abilities, and the party was once again victorious.

"These weaklings are no match for my power. Who's next?"

"Damn it, Eastman, did you lose the rest of our tickets?"
"What tickets?"
"Forget it. Perhaps it's time to look around town for a place to spend our winnings."

"A travel agent! We should go in here."
"Yes, I think I deserve a holiday. Very well -- we shall go in!"

"Ah. That's not quite what I was hoping for, even if I could afford it. Thanks for your time. Er, would you happen to know of any... no, never mind, I guess you wouldn't. Well, have a nice day!"

"Yay, a locksmith! Maybe he'll have something to help me."

"That's a whole lotta money for one key, especially when you haven't told us what it opens. We'll pass."

"A portal! Maybe that's what I've been looking for!"
"That's what you said the last two times."
"Third time lucky?"

"I guess not."
"Just what the heck are you looking for, anyway?"
"It doesn't matter. I shouldn't have expected it to be so easy. I'll find it when I find it, and in the meantime I'll help out all of you. Won't that be great?"
"I can hardly contain my joy. Just try not to get us all killed with those stubby hands of yours. Hmm... what's behind this door over here?"

"Well, that wasn't very polite. Since nobody else in town seems to be in the mood to help us, perhaps it's time for us to head back to the inn for the night."

"What the...?"

"Good grief! Unhand me, you buffoon!"

Jugglers are a pain. Not only can they damage the whole party...

... but they also randomise the party order, potentially forcing your squishiest characters into the front lines.

Fortunately, this one didn't have too many allies, and the party is strong enough to handle one Juggler on his own.

"You disappoint me. You are all too weak. You must train and grow strong, that my evil plans may come to fruition. Er, I mean, so that we can all become rich and live happily ever after."

"Yes... I can feel my sealed powers returning to me... it is only a matter of time..."

"And I have all the time in the world."

Time for another party checkup!

"Ha! Now do you see what a Wizard can do?"

"Hey, Chunko, shouldn't I have a sword or somethin' if I'm supposed to protect you?"

"I'd no sooner trust you with sharp objects than I'd trust Brad."

"I'm a cleric. I wouldn't want a sword even if you gave it to me."

"What an odd group of people I've fallen in with. Well, I suppose it makes life interesting..."

"Everything is going according to plan... ah, you are still here? Perhaps you seek information on my spells, yes? I do not give away my secrets lightly. Listen well, and know that I will exact my price from you when the time comes."

Might and Magic II Sorcerer Spells

Level 1

1. NAME: Awaken
"This is no different from the Cleric spell of the same name. I will waste no more of our time talking about it further."

2. NAME: Detect Magic
TYPE: Non-combat
TARGET: Items in spell caster's backpack
DESCRIPTION: Reveals any magical items in caster's backpack, and notes the number of magical charges remaining in any item which must be charged for use. Also detects any magic surrounding or inside a chest.
"Why bother to detect traps when you have a robber? Whether he lives or dies is his problem, not ours."

3. NAME: Energy Blast
COST: 1 SP/level + 1 gem
TYPE: Combat
TARGET: 1 monster
DESCRIPTION: Zaps the monster with a blast of pure energy, inflicting 1-6 damage points per experience level of caster.
"A fine destructive spell. Expensive in gold, gems and energy, but it has its uses."

4. NAME: Flame Arrow
TYPE: Combat
TARGET: 1 monster
DESCRIPTION: Sends a burning shaft into the monster, inflicting 2-8 points of fire damage, unless monster is immune to fire.
"Ah, Flame Arrow. This spell may not be as deadly as Energy Blast, but it is efficient, and there is no denying the visceral satisfaction of immolating one's enemy."

5. NAME: Light
"Bah. Again, this is identical to the Cleric spell of the same name. I shall say no more."

6. NAME: Location
TYPE: Non-combat
TARGET: Entire Party
DESCRIPTION: Gives precise information on party's location. Shows a map of the current 16x16 area that the Party has mapped and shows your present location on that map. May be critical when Party is lost or magically transported. In general, this spell is the key to successful mapping.
"The auto-map command serves precisely the same function as this spell, rendering it obsolete. No matter: that only leaves me with more magical energy to weave spells of destruction."

7. NAME: Sleep
TYPE: Combat
TARGET: 4 monsters + 1 monster per level of caster
DESCRIPTION: Sends monsters into a deep sleep, preventing them from attacking. Effective until monster is damaged or overcomes the spell.
"They say that sleep is the cousin of death, you know..."

Level 2

1. NAME: Eagle Eye
Cost: 2 SP / level
TYPE: Non-combat, outdoor
TARGET: Caster
DESCRIPTION: An eagle eye view of the outdoor terrain appears on the screen, providing a 5x5 overhead view of the area and your party's location.
"Convenient, I suppose, although it does nothing that regularly checking one's map cannot."

2. NAME: Electric Arrow
TYPE: Combat
TARGET: 1 monster
DESCRIPTION: Electrocutes a monster, inflicting 4-16 damage points, unless monster is immune to electrical attack.
"A step up from Flame Arrow, no? A most efficient, useful and satisfying spell."

3. NAME: Identify Monster
COST: 2 SP + 1 Gem
TYPE: Combat
TARGET: 1 monster
DESCRIPTION: Informs caster of the current condition of any one monster during combat.
"To know one's enemy is the key to victory, is it not? Why do you think I wear this cloak?"

4. NAME: Jump
TYPE: Non-combat
TARGET: Entire Party
DESCRIPTION: Moves the Party 2 squares forward, providing there are no magical obstructions (force fields, etc.) in the way.
"Ah, for the days when I could teleport wherever I wanted to go... but no matter. This will do for now. It has its uses in bypassing traps and encounters."

5. NAME: Levitate
TYPE: Non-combat
TARGET: Entire Party
DESCRIPTION: Raises all characters above ground level, protecting them from various dangers for 1 day.
"I find wading through acid and lava to be bad for my health. As such, I use this spell as a satisfactory alternative."

6. NAME: Lloyd's Beacon
COST: 2 SP + 1 Gem
TYPE: Non-combat
TARGET: Entire Party
DESCRIPTION: Leaves a beacon at your current location so that you may instantaneously return to that location the next time you cast this spell.
"Ah, the legendary Lloyd's Beacon spell, invented by an apprentice of the great Corak the Mysterious! With this spell, one can easily leave a beacon at the site of a great treasure horde and plunder it as many times as one pleases! Such a pity that Lloyd has gone into hiding since his master's disappearance..."

7. NAME: Protection from Magic
COST: 1 SP / level + 1 Gem
TYPE: Anytime
TARGET: Entire Party
DESCRIPTION: Increases all characters' resistance to magic. Amount of the increase depends on experience level of caster. Spell lasts 1 day.
"Hmph. The best defence is a good offence, is it not...?"

So ends one adventure. What's the verdict on such a sorcerer-heavy party, you ask? Well, it was surprisingly effective. Flame Arrow spells hit far more reliably than physical attacks at low levels -- but sorcerers also have much less durability than the melee classes, and one good multi-target attack can wipe out half the party.


Meanwhile, Julius and his party are about to descend again into the caverns under Middlegate, to rescue the sons of the sorceress Nordonna from cruel kobolds. But as they are about to leave the inn, Gothmog and his party arrive! Will Gothmog find some use for the other party in his nefarious plans? Will some member of his own party, uneasy about their strange companion, throw their lot in with Julius instead? The answer is up to you!

You may vote for as many or as few characters as you like, and the six characters with the most votes will form the party for the next update. Just to remind you, here are the options:

Julius, Good Male Half-Orc Barbarian. A strong, loyal and oddly-pigmented fighter.
McGuffin, Neutral Male Half-Orc Knight. Former servant of a lich lord and current right-hand man of Julius.
Cale Thomas, Good Male Human Paladin. A holy warrior with considerable natural talent for both swordplay and wordplay.
neongrey, Evil Female Human Archer. A would-be sorceress with more ambition than dedication.
Godobor, Neutral Female Half-Orc Ninja. A fellow outcast from Julius' tribe, she's a little too enthusiastic about violence to make a good assassin.
David, Good Male Gnome Cleric. A well-meaning horse veterinarian dragged into the adventuring life by circumstances beyond his control.
Vormav, Neutral Male Human Sorceror. Arrogant and self-important, perhaps, but what self-respecting Wizard isn't?
Gothmog, Evil Male Human (?) Sorceror. And that's all he wants you to know.
Chunko Splendid, Neutral Male Dwarf Sorcerer. A down-on-his-luck young dwarvish fop with an unusual interest in the arcane arts.
Brad, Evil Male Human Cleric. Allegedly Chunko's doctor, but appears to have more interest in taking people apart than putting them back together.
Eastman, Neutral Male Human Knight. Chunko's bodyguard, ill-suited to any task more complicated than hitting things until they die.
Waddle Dee, Good Male (?) Dwarf (??) Robber. Your guess is as good as mine.

Their current stats are listed in the character roster on page 1, if that affects your decision. Voting will remain open for at least a couple of days, but vote now anyway!