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Part 14: Karaoke Night in Vulcania, Part 1

Update 13: Karaoke Night in Vulcania, Part 1

"Preacher, why'd you have to bring us all the way to Tundara? It's too damn cold here. Let's go somewhere nicer. They'll be more likely to listen to you if your voice isn't being drowned out by a blizzard, anyway."
"Gertrude come along too!"
"Uh, when did she start following us around?"
"She's my new friend! We met in the inn and talked about half-orc stuff. But then they kicked her out because she was all clumsy and messed up the inn, so now she's with us."

"Is that... a polar bear?"
"So it would seem."
"Well, you know the old saying: when you really need to go somewhere fast, a bear can always help you."
"That's not an old saying! You just made it up!"
"Maybe so, but if you'd ever had to run away from a bear, you'd know it was true."
"Well, anyway, how about we go check out the sights in Vulcania now?"

This shop (called "Proficiency Expert") teaches the Arms Master secondary skill, which raises Accuracy.

"A weapons expert, huh? Looks like this is shaping up to be my kind of town. What else is around here?"

"Um, are we sure we want to go in here? I like my bowels the way they are. Well, except when I get indigestion. Then I don't like them so much. But I still need them!"
"Oh, come on. How bad can it be?"

Spartacus teaches the Gladiator secondary skill, which raises Strength.

"You can't be Spartacus! I'm Spartacus!"
"Jostiband, you are not Spartacus. Also, we're leaving here right now. There must be some civilised people around here..."

"Out of the frying pan, into the fire."
"Is everybody in this town obsessed with violence?"

Sgt. Pain teaches the Soldier secondary skill, which raises Endurance.

"I give up. Why don't we all take a nice relaxing walk around the town square? I hear they have a statue garden."

"Hey, look, this statue's got an inscription on it!"

"They hold the talons you need to find... to save Cron before its time. Huh. What's all this about talons, and what does Cron need saving from anyway?"
"Ooh, I remember this from the academy! The power of King Kalohn's orb was augmented by a receptacle made of four talons, each representing an element. After winning the war with the elemental lords, Kalohn used the power of the talons to seal each lord away in their own elemental plane. I don't know what that stuff about saving Cron is supposed to mean, though."

"Ooh, the wild section! Sounds like fun. Maybe there's a nightclub!"

"This is a very disappointing nightclub."

"I take it all back. This is the best nightclub ever."
"Oh no. Jostiband, what have you got there? You'd better give that to me for safe-keeping before you hurt yourself."
"Don't be silly, Preacher. I never hurt myself."

"Wait, didn't Belinthra run the bar in Tundara?"

"And, uh, this bar is being run by someone named Gabrielle. What gives? Also, are you hitting on us?"
"Look, we've travelled a long way and we're tired and hungry. Just show us what you've got for us to eat."
"Oh, I'll show you--"
"On the menu."

"Well, I know it's gonna go straight to my hips, but I just can't resist that deep-fried troll liver."
"Oh, don't worry about it. I think you'd look just fine with some nice womanly curves."
"Seriously, knock it off. We get enough of that from Jostiband."
"And I got enough of it from the Succubus Queen."
"Wait, when did you-- actually, I probably don't want to know."
"Preacher, I think I ate too much and now I've got a tummy ache."
"Oh, you poor thing. Here, let me-- wait. Who are those people approaching us?"

"See, we saw you sitting at the table next to ours and Thund R. was like 'Hey, are they eating Deep Fried Troll Liver?' because that's what we always order, y'know, and I was like 'No way!' but then he was like--"
"Well, thank you very much for your offer. We can always use more help in the constant struggle against evil."
"I suppose we'll be seeing you around, then. Remember: Hotel Four."
"What did I tell you? Eating out is a great way to meet people!"
"Gee, I'd love to stay and chat, but we have to go to the inn now and never come back here ever again. I'm sure you understand. Bye!"

"This place is kind of a dump, isn't it?"
"I'd call it a fixer-upper. If you put in some new windows, patched over the leaks in the roof and cleaned up those mysterious stains, I think it'd start to look almost respectable."

"This is just getting ridiculous. Is there anyone in this town who isn't a sadist, a pervert or both? I'm going to the Mages' Guild; at least they're sure to be sensible, well-balanced people."

"Furries. Dammit."

Well, on the bright side, two new hirelings have become available. Unfortunately, both of them start at level 3, but they won't take long to catch up.

Thund R. has decent stats and a low hiring price. In general, hirelings who start at higher levels have boosted starting stats, but also an inflated price: it's often better to stick with the hirelings you get early on and use the various stat-boosting areas (like the Nomadic Rift Cavern) to build them up.

Aeriel's stats are pretty average for a Sorceress, but there are only a few hirelings who qualify for Team Ovaries in the first place, so she's on the team for now.

I've gone on and explored the cavern under Vulcania as well, but it's getting late and this is getting long, so the second half of the update should hopefully be up tomorrow.