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Part 30: The Wayback Machine

Update 29: The Wayback Machine

"Hey, guys, remember how Lord Peabody sent us on a quest to find Sherman?"
"Of course. Why do you ask?"
"Well, I was just, uh, thinking we should probably do something about it. You know, seeing as how he's been waiting over half a year and all."
"This is true. He would indeed be a... valuable ally. But where is Sherman?"
"I can help ye wi' tha'. According tae a message we foond in th' Nomadic Rift Cavern, Sherman is a prisoner o' th' natives at Native's Cove."
"Really? When did you find this out?"
"Oh, aboot two years ago."
"Two years? There's no time to lose! Everyone, get ready to go to Native's Cove!"

"You know, if they survived this long without us, I'm pretty sure they'll last another couple of days. We might as well take the time to see some sights along the way."

"Well, I am a little parched. I suppose it couldn't do any harm to wet my whistle."
"Your what? Dude, gross. People drink from that fountain, y'know."

This fountain temporarily sets the entire party's Might to a random value between 1 and 255. Usually, this is a good thing -- and if you're unlucky, you can just try again.

"Wow. Who knew that the ocean could bring good luck instead of just horrible death?"

"Well, there's still plenty of horrible death too."

Aquasauruses have no special powers and aren't really all that dangerous, but they're enough of a nuisance that running up and down the coast for 5 gems per step isn't the best way to get gems unless you're desperate. I'm mostly just posting this picture because it's probably the last chance we'll get to see this awesome monster graphic again.

"Ah, the Isle of the Ancients, where two legendary wizards are imprisoned."

"Since when do we listen to people telling us to keep out?"

"Since wizards started protecting their homes with magical barriers, apparently."
"Hmm. I shall have to return here at a later date... alone."

"Hey, a tropical resort! Awesome!"

"Don't mind if I do!"

The massage temporarily raises everyone's Personality to 75, which is fairly useless.

"Wow, this resort really does have everything!"

"It could use a little less of that, though. Ow, my skin."

"Och, tha's a fine-lookin' set o' weights. I think I might just test me strength..."

"Where in the world did all of those monsters come from?"
"I think maybe they got mad at us because I cut in line for the exercycle."

"Sure. All that fighting's made me thirsty."

"You know, I'm starting to think that this isn't a very good resort."

"Maybe a game of volleyball will take my mind off how lousy this holiday is."
"We're not on a holiday! We're on a quest to rescue Sherman, remember?"

"Well, at least that negative consequence was predictable."

"Ha ha, you've got no wang."
"Technically, a eunuch--"
"Do you see how every male in the party just crossed their legs simultaneously? That's the sign that we don't want you to finish that sentence."

I'm not even sure what the mud bath does. Possibly nothing at all.

"Now that's more like it! Maybe this resort was worth seeing after all!"

"What? Aw, come on."

This is the one thing that's actually useful in the entire resort, and it's only available if you pay 5,000 gold to the travel agent in Middlegate and take the ferry here. It cuts 5 years off everyone's age, and it's a lot more convenient than Sarakin's mine. Nobody's dangerously old right now, though.

"If I'd actually paid anything to come here, I'd go in there to demand my money back. But since I didn't, I guess we'd probably better keep looking for Sherman."

"Well, it looks like we've found Native's Cove."

I got very lucky here: I was honestly expecting at least one character to die in this fight. Crazed Natives usually die in one hit at the party's current levels, but they can frenzy for over 40 damage to the whole party, which is a big deal when there are so many of them.

"That's not exactly what we were looking for, but I'm sure it'll come in handy."

I've shown off the Frenzy spell before, and it's very nice to have despite the fact that using it knocks out one character. It does good damage and is completely unresistable, which makes it great against enemies that are resistant to magic.

"Wait, how are these guys different from Crazed Natives again?"
"These ones are less crazy."

"See? They're running away from us. That proves that they're sane."

"Too bad that one didn't have anybody left to cover her retreat."

"We finally found Sherman! Hey, Shermie, sorry about making you wait a year or so for us to rescue you. I guess being stuck on an island full of hot chicks isn't so much fun when they're trying to kill you."

"You know, Sherman, Lord Peabody's been very worried about you. Now that we're done here, why don't we take you to see him right away?"

"Sure! Man, he'll never believe some of the stories I have to tell."

"Wow! This is the best quest reward anyone has ever given me. I'm not just being polite here. I mean, it's a freaking time machine. Is this what Corak was messing around with when he disappeared?"
"You probably should have asked him that when you saw him."
"He has a point there, you know."
"Great, now even David's making fun of me. Let's just go take a look at the damn machine already."

"Huh. Kind of a bare-bones interface."

Lord Peabody's machine can take the party to any time from the year 100 to 800. Time travel is necessary for some quests, including the main quest of the game.

"Well, there'll be plenty of time to fool around with it and see how it works later on. For now, I'm turning in for the night."

"The one downside to being ridiculously powerful compared to the rest of the party is that it'll take me forever to gain another level."

"Hmm. I wonder what I can do with this new Frenzy spell. Perhaps if I reversed the incantation, I could create a spell to stop cattle from stampeding!"

"I got this new suit of plate armour off those giants we fought on Murray's isle! How did they fit into it, anyway?"

"Why am I still wearing padded armour? I know it's highly enchanted padded armour, but that's beside the point. Just because I'm a barbarian doesn't mean I want to spend all day running around half-naked!"

"I cannae say I dinnae feel a mite foolish wearin' this stone beetle on me chest, but it does build up me muscles like nothin' else."

"It's high time I found a new, stronger shield to go with my armour and helm."

"Shields are for wimps who are afraid of getting hit. I don't have to be afraid of getting hit, because I've got a bunch of dumb brutes standing in the front lines to take hits for me!"

"With Nakazawa and Sherman 'rescued', my plan is now almost complete. Only one last obstacle remains..."

Once again, we've picked up a couple of new hirelings. Nakazawa is a ninja with a decent level and above-average stats all around, but nothing too exciting.

Sherman's much the same, except he's a paladin. There are only two paladin hirelings in the game compared to three for most other classes, so at least he's got that going for him. (Also, we had to rescue him eventually to get Lord Peabody's help, so Nakazawa and Sherman are the two hirelings you're guaranteed to have by the end of the game.)

With all the paladin hirelings collected, we now have everything we need to finish the Paladin plus quest, so I guess that's what we'll be doing next, unless people particularly want to see me mess around with the time machine or something. See you next time on Let's Play Might and Magic II!