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Original Thread: MindJack [Co-op Psy-op VLP]



MindJack is a third-person cover-based shooter published in 2011 by Square Enix for Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. The year is 2031 and the progress of technology has been grossly overstated. Twitter has been usurped by Packet_Feed and Facebook is compulsory in this nightmare dystopia. Our hero is a man named Jim who works for a shady governmental organization. He must navigate the datascape and reformat his future according to the AI... of his heart. He does this by stalking an unknown woman at an airport (in the future) when things go awry for the two of them. We must fight to survive as Jim and uncover the secrets of this lady's past as well as our own using the amazing ability called "MindJacking" (we assume) to inhabit the brains and circuits of men and machine alike.

If you like inaccuracy and the passive voice, then the manual is for you:

The Manual posted:

AD 2031, an era where technology has begun to advance beyond the realm of human imagination. Jim Corbijn, FIA agent, was waiting for a woman: Rebecca Weiss, an anti-government activist due to arrive on the last flight of the day from Shanghai. The pair's encounter is marred by a sudden terrorist attack. As they fight to survive, they are soon sucked into a vast, overwhelming conspiracy. To the masterminds behind the scenes, however, this battlefield is nothing but a game. To them, everything is an illusion, a figment of their imaginations. They participate in this battle without anyone being aware of their presence. They have the power to access the vast networks spread across the cities, taking over the hearts and minds of other people. To them, Jim, Rebecca, and the soldiers and citizens on both sides of the conflict are but mere pawns in their game. They are the Mind Hackers, and the technology at their fingertips makes them the true overlords of the 21st century.

MindJack has a MetaCritic rating of 43. Eurogamer called it "a strange blend of Resident Evil 5, Uncharted and Minority Report," if that helps put things into perspective for you.

I'm judge "data loop" reinhold, joined once again by my two bestest buddies from the year 2031, Diaper "Java Virtual Machine" Chris and No Internet Name "Squawker" Anthony. Net neutrality is not an option because MindJack offers a unique co-op experience: players can join your active single-player campaign as an ally or enemy (Xbox LIVE! Gold Only and whatever PS3 has). Will friends become foes? Or will foes invade friends? Watch and find out!\

NOTE: Our blip account has been issued a death sentence, so all the videos are YouTube only.

Elian Gonzalez helps us out with the things we missed: MindJack Collage

MindJack Tabletop Adventure:
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3

Full MP3 you can listen to on your iPod or Walkman.

Tom Cruise: Hollywood leading man and star of the box art, Tom Cruise has appeared in such films as Eyes Wide Shut and Jack Reacher. His role in MindJack, beyond cover-art eye-candy, is unknown as well as his allegiance.

Jim "MindJim" Corbijn: Apparently a Gulf War veteran or something, Jim has hung up the M16 in favor of a Bluetooth hands-free set. Jim has an ability that's either unique to him or ubiquitous in the future: he can mind-control both humans and machines at whim. He also has some sort of past he regrets.

Rebecca Weiss: A firebrand who shops at Target. It's not known what her importance is, but she will be the co-op partner for the foreseeable future.

Lyle McLilo: Lyle is cool.

Randy Johnson:

supermikhail immortalizes the terrorizing, ever-present threat.

MassRafTer welcomes us to MindJacksonville.

Starving Wolf created MindJackolas from The Ring Lords.

Danny DeVTOL. Art by Devious Vacuum, name by Red Minjo.

AstroWhale fought the law and the law scooted.

your evil twin saw this robot doing a Yosemite Sam thing.

AstroWhale has found the next viral meme, maybe replacing the awkward seal?

Melaneus cashed in a million-dollar idea.

Suspect Bucket gives us the dark Lilo and Stitch reboot fans have been craving for years.

Pigbuster lies to adults.

How could anyone DO this? Ask Seshoho Cian.

Our dear friend and promoted Best Partner, Elian Gonzalez, is the gift that keeps on giving.
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