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by Spookydonut

Part 3: Update #3 Primus Heats up AKA Welcome to Progeny




We start running into hoodlums.

Who are packing real equipment.

Tom: I wanna boost my Stamina.

TMF: And I'll train my Rifle Skill.

More copy protection.

Round: 64.4 nz
Barrel Length: 386 mm
Overall Length: 652 mm
Weight: 216 g



Tom: Okay I guess we'll fix that.

Tom: Muuuuuuch better.


Skipping ahead a little bit:

And oh fuck.


Tom: I'm not afraid of you.
TMF: You most certainly should be.

TMF: Told you so.


which brings us to the "Game Over" screen.

Which dumps us back in the starting bar with no party. You can recruit some new people but you're at a disadvantage because Tom starts with a flak jacket and a .22 pistol.
Let's rewind and go recruiting.


Tom: Let's find a meat shield someone with lots of health.

Recruiting guide:
Army - Have good health related stats but poor at everything else.
Marines - A balance between Army and Police.
Police - Usually better skills
Mining - Good chance of some Mining Skill but also dirt-poor.
Merchant - Good chance of Administration (helps prices) and money but utterly useless in combat.

Tom: I like the look of this guy.

Tom: You're hired! Your name is now spookyd-

Tom: Oh.


Another quick rewind.
And it's at this point I realise Primus becomes more than we can handle and that I've been wasting my money on useless crap instead of saving up.
So let's go visit one of the last few unexplored locales, the Gambling Establishment where the house always wins LOSES!
First we save.


Tom: I'm feeling pretty lucky.

TMF: I really hope you take option 1

Tom: Relax... I'm great at Keno.

Tom: Dealer, the maximum bet please.
TMF: There is no dealer in Keno.

Tom: Statistically I'm just as likely to win playing 1-6 as I am any other combination of numbers.
TMF: That's... actually correct.

TMF: Of course the chance is basically 0%


Tom: I'm feeling pretty lucky. Wait, didn't we already do this?

TMF: If you're going to waste our money, at least play my "lucky numbers"

Tom: Jackpot!

That's right, the random number generator seed is stored in the save file. It applies not only to gambling but EVERYTHING ELSE IN THE GAME. Though it's really only noticeable in gambling and in what type of enemy you face in random encounters

Tom: Hey we haven't been in here before.

Tom: One group ticket please *throws down a fat stack of credits*

Welcome to Progeny

The Manual posted:

Established after Primus, Progeny now has the highest population rate of the three completed cities. Its large police force and better-organized layout make this city the safest on Titan.

safe is a relative term!
Outside of a few scripted encounters we're basically safe to stroll the streets unmolested.

Let's look at the demographics.

Seems pretty safe.

TMF: Time to visit some of my old buddies.

I'm busy, what do you want?
Tom: Bounties?

Sergeant posted:

Wanted dead or alive: Phelos Fletchher: escaped while incarcerated in Primus. Last identified exiting Primus in a vac suit. 2,000 credit reward.

Sergeant posted:

Wanted dead or alive: Person or people responsible for the theft of a valuable specimen stolen from the university in Primus. 20,000 credit reward. Specimen must be intact.

TMF: Word is the repair clerks in this town are massive gossips

Clerk posted:

I've been told there is more than gambling in Parallax. Ask for Derahand.

Clerk posted:

I saw Phelos with pink dust on him.

TMF: Oh so Phelos is in Progeny.

Clerk posted:

Go to the Parallax training center. Tell them Gecko sent you.

Tom: Maybe this sysop can be our friend.

Tom: Oh... ummm... okay.

Tom: I wonder if this guy is less of a jerk.

TMF: What did you honestly expect would happen?

TMF: Tom do you remember how it said ALL MINES WERE CLOSED?

Tom: What's the name for that thing where it feels like you've done something before?

Tom: Come along Watson.

Tom: Don't you know breakfast is the most important meal of the day?

Tom: Well I won't say no to MORE money.

Tom: But we still can't get into the mine.

Tom: Oh hey there was that guy Herb that needed help.

Tom: I'll bring you their heads.


With your head clasped in your hand you notice a bolt on the floor. Looking up you notice that it came from the ventilation shaft.
You decide to climb in the shaft to investigate further (and to avoid Herbs abrasive personality). You crawl for quite some distance and completely loose your sense of direction before being blocked by a sturdy grate. The unmistakable sounds of loud music and debauchery echo from somewhere up ahead.
You return to Herb's shop and quickly explain that you will need to investigate the matter further. With practiced enthusiasm Herb shakes your hand vigorously and promises to make it worth your while

Tom: Time to kit up.

Tom: And skill ourselves.
Tom: Gecko sent me.

Tom: No one is better than us at rifles.
TMF: That's for sure.

Tom: The rifles are on me boys.
Tom: Let's try them at the 'shooting range'

Tom: These work pretty good.

TMF: But not good enough.


So we're in Progeny, justifiably cheated a little bit and have some new gear.
This game starts off pretty easy, takes a turn for the worst then beyond a certain point becomes a cake-walk. Currently we're in the middle section.
Next up we're going to have to become hackers.