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Mines of Titan

by Spookydonut

Part 9: Update #7 Two months later

Tom: Ugh let's just finish this already.

Tom: He's the vent that dude told us about.

Tom: Why aren't you helping us kill them aliens?

Tom: Like these guys.

Tom: More steam vents.

Tom: More traitors.

Tom: More balloons.

Tom: Ah good, a reaver rifle.

Tom: More aliens.

Tom: More LSD.

Tom: More hists.

Tom: Okay guys let's cut down on the LSD.

Tom: More steam

Tom: More thrashers.

Tom: More steam.

Tom: More combat.

Tom: More steam.

Not even joking, there is actually this many steam vents.

Tom: Another reaver rifle.

Tom: More tedium to get past arbitrary obstacles.

Tom: More hists.

Tom: A buzzgun!

Tom: Oh christ acid vents.

Tom: And the steam vent.

Tom: I TOLD YOU GUYS TO STOP oh I'm the one tripping...

Tom: Fuck off I'm busy.

Tom: Well maybe if...

Tom: Nope.

Next time: Endgame summary.