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by Blind Sally

Part 2

inflatablefish posted:

Sir, permission to plant a flag in that one tile in the centre column, sir?

How hard are we supposed to push these flags in, again?

I tell you what, Pvt. inflateablefish, if you hear a "click", you've gone too far.

Gamerofthegame posted:

Sir! I believe the space below the revealed square in the top right corner is safe, sir! We should check it so we can continue!

So it is. Good work.

Neige posted:

Top left corner, on the block with a 1 above and below it? Flag it. The square to its right? Click it. The square to ITS right? Flag it. That's the top left corner right there.

Uhhhhh, sir!

You continue to impress, Pvt. Neige.

Rather Watch Them posted:

Sir, I believe a flag belongs on the lower-left corner of that big unexplored lot on the right, sir.

Which is, to say, sir, from the center row, far right, one pace west and one pace south, sir.

I don't think I signed up for bomb disposal.

Neige posted:

And let's just plant another flag on the square directly above the square he mentioned and we're good for what? 8 mines now? We're good, right? 8/10 is a solid B on any report card...

You know what? I was worried about you lot. But it looks like you're going to pass training after all. I mean, I figured after that one casualty that you'd be a bunch of fuck-ups, but I'll be damned if I don't know how you could screw this up--

Inferior posted:

Punch that smug smiling bastard in the face. Get him to tell us where he's hidden the mines! ...Sir.

No. No! NO!!! That just resets the mine grid! Goddamnit!

Pvt. Inferior, do you think this is just a game? Do you? This is a goddamned way of life!

Alright, soldiers, we're going to take it from the top again. You can thank Pvt. Inferior for that. Tonight. With soap and socks. A Blanket Party, if you get my meaning. That meaning is pummel them mercilessly. Alright, let's get back on training. Assholes and elbows!

Gamerofthegame posted:

Sir, I recommend we send Inferior straight in the middle for his crimes!

Rather Watch Them posted:

Agreed sir! That flag took a lot out of me, too much for him to go and pull that SNAFU.

Inferior posted:

Yeah, I'll go to the middle... but I want Gamerofthegame and Rather Watch Them standing either side of me.

Teamwork is important, Sarge.

Rather Watch Them posted:


I'll take the right side, sir.

Maybe I'll live to see the infirmary.

Ha ha, I love it.

But the Canadian Military is all about teamwork. Pvt. Gamerofthegame and Rather Watch Them, go on out there with Pvt. Inferior.

Well, alright. You're all still alive, but this doesn't help us all that much. Any other bright ideas?

Oh, that's right. Pvt. Gamerofthegame and Rather Watch Them, you're still alive too. Thanks for checking the area next to Pvt. Inferior. Still not super helpful.

inflatablefish posted:

I'll try the top right corner, sir!

It's good. Who's next?

TheMcD posted:

From the top left corner, seven to the right, then eight down, sir! When the center fails, attempting a pseudo-random strategy might confuse the mines, which are clearly sentient and capable of being confused, sir!

Pvt. TheMcD, I don't know what you're talking about, but you seem to have hit the jackpot.