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by Blind Sally

Part 3

ThatPazuzu posted:

Row 6, Column 7 has a mine, sir! But go to Row Row 5, Column 7. That shit should be good.

So it is. Excellent work, Pvt. ThatPazuzu.

Dr. Snark posted:

Sir! The first column, fifth row has a mine in it, sir!

Also, we may want to put a note on Mr. Smiley to ensure that certain elements (not naming names) won't try and abuse it.


Consider it noted. I'm not about to have a second "Smiley Incident."

InfinityComplex posted:

Fourth row of Column Three and Five look might suspicious there. Gonna check 'em out.

What do you mean you're "gonna check'em out?" Hold on, lemme get my helmet.

Alright, go on ahead.



damn horror queefs posted:

Click tiles at random until we die uh sir

Go on, then, show us how it's done.

Oh for--

Yo, cut it out you--

Another two soldiers fall in the line of duty for the Canadian Military.

GNU Order posted:

Sir, I advise we check the "Help" tab

This situation is beyond the abilities of the Canadian Military, Sir

Alright, I'll play along.

Now what?

nine-gear crow posted:

If we use Help, the terrorists have won.

Mmmhmm. Well, lucky for all you nay-sayers, the Help function doesn't work. Whenever you click on it, that little blue circle thing appears for a second and then nuthin'. I'll tell you this much: this is what makes the Canadian Military the best. See, we train on all this broken junk, so that when it comes to the real deal we're just that much better than everyone else because we have to figure out to survive on garbage. We're like that football team in that bank commercial.

Dr. Snark posted:

At any rate, I don't see the need for help from a practical standpoint. There are mines, and we have to sweep em. Simple as that.

But Pvt. Dr. Snark is right. It's time we get back to minesweepin'.

Ramos posted:


By the books, eh, Pvt. Ramos?

McTimmy posted:

Corners? Ha! A real man lives and dies by his risks. Take a hit right beneath Mr. Smiley there.

Risky, but you're still here, Pvt. McTimmy.

Blackray Jack posted:

Sir! Third square from the left in the bottom row, sir!

Mmmhmm. Look's good, soldier.

Turos Kensei posted:

I plan to walk from the lower left corner, straight to the top right corner, sir! The spirit of the noble Canadian Beaver guides me!

Hold, you what? Muthafu--

Alright. I've got my helmet. Go on ahead. You realize the Canadian Beaver is a viscous animal, right? It's a vengeful and cruel spirit. We worship it so that it doesn't dam every river in the country, bringing about floods of Biblical proportions.

My god, that was incredible.

Looks like the Beaver spirit decided to take pity on you after all. Anyways, you're all getting real eager. Which is great. But rather then let you all just start wandering on the grid, why don't the rest of you take a moment and check out its current state. If you still want to go ahead with your proposed move, then have at it. But I figured some of you might want to lay down some flags.

Heavy neutrino posted:

Sir! The Quebecers refuse to participate in the training unless the module is set to French language!

Le Québécois a refusé d'être dans l'armée canadienne sauf s'ils ont reçu leur propre spécialisées escadrons français. Si vous désirez transférer, parler de canonnier le sergent d'état-major neuf-pignon du nid-de-Corbeau.

Bacter posted:

Sir! As an absolutely not-in-disguise-American-mole, I propose we CARPET BOMB THE EVER-LOVIhem.

I propose that we plant the flag of AmeriCanadian freedom in the second-from-the-bottom row, leftmost column! It is my estimation that this should free the other two boxes touching the "1" to the right of that area for IMMEDIATE CLEARANCE!

I further propose that the square to the upper-left of the "2" touching the initially-flagged territory itself be flagged!


Ugh. Albertans.

GNU Order posted:

Sir, I've evaluated the situation and have determined the locations of several mines. I have also determined the next step to take, the red circle.

I hope that you will overlook my past performance. I have decided that I'm ready to stop asking for help so much, and I'm ready to be a man and take action. Sir.

You and Pvt. Alberta over there seem to have the right idea.

Looks to me we're about ready to start clearing out the rest of the field. You all think we can finish off Stage 1 of the training today?

RickVoid posted:

Flag the red circles and clear the blues.


Well, well, well. I'm mighty proud of you all. You've accomplished stage 1 of the Canadian Military's training. Don't get too cocky. Things are about to get real. But to all of you soldiers who participated in this training, you've earned your commendations. Now, I'm going to get the next mine grid set up. Until then, at ease, soldiers.