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by Blind Sally

Part 6

Kgummy posted:

Sir, are I have reason to believe those cats have hidden mines. Move left three times to open up some room to work with.

Get us out of here and I will personally write you a commendation.

anilEhilated posted:

Could we fashion a maple leaf out of the inside of the pen?

I don't know how effective that would be tactically, but I like your style. Let's give it the ol'Canadian try.

Never speak to me of this again.

Night10194 posted:

Alright, sir, I'm trained for this. We need to isolate those cats by pushing the blocks to trap them, which will let us squish them into cat-cheese, which goes wonderfully on our Canadian delicacies. We need to move up quickly, then out to the left, to isolate that first cat on the left and begin squishing procedures, sir.

Let's do this! Pincer maneuver, hustle up!

Nice. Any thoughts on dealing with the other two hostiles?

Skippy Granola posted:

Sir, sorry I'm late, I couldn't get the poutine out of my framed photograph of Brian Mulroney.

Latest intel from Canadian Twitter (or twitteur) indicates the cats are in full retreat. If we methodically close off the battlefield they'll be trapped in no time!

En accord avec la loi des langues officielles, ce message ce repetera en Francais

Sergeant, desole d'avoir ete en retard. J'ai eu de la difficulte en nettoyant la poutine de mon photo de Brian Mulroney.

L'information plus courant de Twitteur indique que les chats se retraitent! Si nous les coupons les avenues d'echapper, ils seront attrappes toute suite!

Ah ha, like so?

Heavy neutrino posted:

Don't do it Skippy! You'll start another confederation crisis!

It's fine. But next time I expect them them to do it in SENĆOŦEN. Why? Cause I said so.

CrazySalamander posted:

We must manger le fromage. We're operating on taxpayer dollars, it is irresponsible of us to not use free resources.

Like a true soldier! You never know when your next meal will be.

Bacter posted:

Well, if, say you were, you know, paid and trained to exploit internal differences and drive a wedge between members of a unified faction, you'd know that limiting their environment and contacts is an important step!

First, we should go to the bottom-left of our enclosure, and move down a few squares. That should let us push one of the bottom rows over to limit the bottom cat's movement to the small bottom rectangle. From there, it's a simple matter of driving the left side of the rectangle closer to it and the righthand wall, sir!

Soldier, I don't always know what you're talking about, so I'm just going to pretend that this is what you suggested. Let's go ahead and eat that cheese too. We deserve it.

Thank goodness. All enemies are down.

Oh, hold on--what's that? Really? Excellent!

Alright, listen up, people. The mine grid is back online. Or at least, the Expert grid is. I know we didn't get to complete stage 2, but I'm confident we can get through stage 3 regardless. Now, shall we see how many people are willing to fall in service of the Canadian Government? Haha, more like: are sacrificed to feed the Legions Of Hell, am I right?

That was a joke. Don't question it.

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

Sir, since the grid is now 30 squares across I wish to recommend we switch to lettering the rows instead of the columns, sir.

Excellent plan, Cpl. Bobbin Threadbare. We'll implement this strategy.

I don't care if that screws up a lot of your plans. It's gonna be funny to see you all blow up regardless.

Tobias Grant posted:

Volunteering to go to the Four Corners, Sir.

Someone has to do it.

I keep tellin' you, can't always trust the Four Corners method. Sometimes you've got to be unorthodox.


I'm a tough motherucker who doesn't play by your rules... mr. Apone. I27.

The fuck did you just call me?

Get on that grid. Get on that grid, private, before I send your ass back to basic!