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by Blind Sally

Part 7

unwantedplatypus posted:

The four corners are a trap. I'll inspect the four midpoints of the four corners!

Heh heh heh, don't worry, I've got plenty more Maple Hearts.

Skippy Granola posted:

Alright, commander, I volunteer Jean-Guy here to test Hache-douze

We're goin' with the revised grid, so head out to the altered coordinates.

Jean-Guy has a point, though.

Bombogenesis posted:

X7, sir! I have a terrible feeling about it but my god I JUST HAVE TO.

There's no X under the revised grid, so I'm just gonna roll you over and keep counting letters till you get there. I'm sure you'll be fine.

Nothin' to it.

Herb Stencil posted:

Sir, I don't know what spaces to investigate, I don't even know why we're here anymore.

...I'm so scared, Sir.

Harden up, soldier. Your place is not to question. This is all for the glory of the Deathless Throne of the Canadian Government. If it'll make you feel better, watch some of these old inspirational propaganda films:

nine-gear crow posted:

Yeah, that brings me back.

berryjon posted:

SIR! Reporting for Duty, SIR!

My deployment orders put me in J5, SIR!

legoman727 posted:

Private Lego reporting for duty. I'll take the top right corner, sir!

More recruits! Glorious.

nine-gear crow posted:

Alright, let's see here... Wait what's that sign say? Does that say G20? Sgt. Apone! SGT. APONE?! Am I on the goddamn minefield?

Aaaaaah! Enjoy the shrapnel shower, ya dumb motherfucker... sir.

That does sound like something I'd say. I'll consider this canon. Alright, let's see if you're lucky today!

No, eh? That's a cryin' shame.

InfinityComplex posted:

I say the middle of each edge sound like safe areas. Or not. Whichever the zombie will get to it!

You've already been blown to pieces. I thought I made it clear the living dead weren't welcome here. You've got nothing left to offer me--uh, the Canadian Government.

Oh come on! Now you're just messin' up the damn grid! Someone clean this mess up!

Night10194 posted:

I'll take any one space at random, sir! For the deathless throne of the Canadian government, sir!

I admit I'm not nearly so trained for mines as cats.

Pour les Immortelles Trône! Mai l'éternelle légions damn la vie !

Teddles posted:

I trust your intuition, sarge. Pick a square and send me there.

Shinarato posted:

I20 Sir! I have a good feeling about this spot. I will go there now, and use big ol' stompy boots to search for mines!

GSD posted:

C4 is still a threatening tile as far as I am concerned, sir! I am checking it out, sir!

Mmmhmm. Badasses!

Arelon posted:

Request permission to investigate row 6, column 2, sir!

Hahahahaaa! That's right, keep it up! Remember: this is for your country!

inflatablefish posted:

I'm feeling lucky, sir - give me the Four Corners! Surely it's bound to work sooner or later!

Baron O Beefdip posted:

I suspect there's buried treasure in g16 sir! I'm going to dig there!

The Government appreciates your service.

Camoes posted:

Sir, I have a good feeling about this one. A1, A2, A3, B2, C2, D2, E2. Sir!

Sir, it's a penis Sir!

NewMars posted:

Ello mate, I mean, sir, mate, sir. I'm one of those trans-fers from Australia I am!

Do the one to the right a' that 2 I say and if we run into any a' them mines, don't worry, just smear a lil' vegimite on it and she'll be right! I wouldn't do thay meself, of course, they make a darn good rugby ball they do, and the minefield's a good place to play on, it's just like back home it is!

I don't understand a word you just said, soldier. Are you from Newfoundland?

Gamerofthegame posted:

Sir, the spot is calling for me! I can feel it! 5-17!


JamieTheD posted:

Transfer from the Welsh Marines, SIR! Requesting firstly to congratulate you on this excellent training exercise SIR! Also to recce D-14 SIR!

Haha, we'll take the blood of the Welsh, it doesn't matter. Blood is blood!

It's a fresh grid. Let's keep it up, soldiers!

Blind Sally posted:

Yeah, hold on. Things are still a bit off on my end. I'll let you know when we're back up 100%.