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by Blind Sally

Part 9

Night10194 posted:

Why are your eyes red, sir? Could I suggest visine?

Your mind must be playin' tricks. Look into my eye, do you see any red?

Actually, hold on, someone give me a mirror.

Though I had that under control--uh, what's that? Look what Pvt. Holepunchio is doing, everyone!

Shieldhill posted:

Golly, my first operation. I suppose I'll just jump right in to J23, sir!

nine-gear crow posted:

Sgt. Apone! What the hell am I doing back on the front lines? And why the fuck am I on L26?

David D. Davidson posted:

Sir, C4 seems lucky sir.

Gorgo Primus posted:

Invalid Corps reporting to L7!

Undead soldiers don't actually get to participate in the grid training, Private. It's--distasteful. But I tell you what, I'll let you stand in for whenever Lt. Gen. nine-gear crow steps on the field. We can't go having a senior officer getting blown up, now can we?

Gildiss posted:

I have a fantastic plan of attack.

T8 T6 U7 T5 O3 N0 E9

I've got your number, sir.

Are you messin' with me, Cpl. Gildiss? Alpha on the x-plot and Numeric on the y-plot. There's no "T".

GNU Order posted:



Duly noted. And I want you to know that I appreciate it.

Uhh--as, uh, representative of the Canadian Military at this, uh, point in time, I would just like to say that this has never happened before.

I'm just gonna jiggle the grid's cable here--

And there we--

Aw, come on! It reset? This is--ah, whatever. Alright, people, assholes and elbows, let's get on it.

Frionnel posted:

Intelligence informs O7 is the place to go, sir!

I know you meant the other grid, but fuck it, get out on the new one. Go on! Don't make me push you.

GSD posted:

O15 Sir! Legend has it that that tile killed our greatest prime minister, Bernerd Mooseborn, the Third Baron Mooseborn! I will avenge him, sir!

Flamester posted:

A10 sir! I have a good feeling about it!

Rene Bork posted:

I shall take Beliveau 4, sir.

cucka posted:

SIR! I Have an unrealistic amount of confidence that there is a spot somewhere on the left half of the minefield, where my people wish to settle and make some yurts, Sir! Somewhere in the middle would be preferable, to give my people room for goat farming once we clear the field, Sir!

Mmmhmm! Let's go from here. This is a fantastic start, soldiers!

Bobbin Threadbare posted:

Sir, positions C12 and C9 are mines, and beyond those C7-C11 are clear. D13, A17, and C17 are also mines, sir.

Excellent, and I feel we can tidy up around those squares now that we've located some mines.