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Missing Since January / In Memoriam

by macnbc

Part 1

Our story begins before the game itself is even installed.
Background information for the story leading up to the game can be found here:
The readme on the game CD also gives us this:


Our journalist, Jack Lorski, disappeared along with his friend, Karen Gijman, whilst investigating a series of murders.
This CD-ROM is our only lead to finding them. We need your help.



We hesitated for a long time before deciding to go public. However, since our journalist, Jack Lorski, and his friend disappeared, events have suddenly started gathering pace.
Arnaud Ivan, SKL Network’s CEO, received a CD-ROM and a video excerpt at his home address, which has made us take all of this very seriously.
An in-depth analysis of these elements finally convinced us that our employee and his friend have been kidnapped. We believe this kidnapping could be linked to the case of MP Kourievski.

We have since been contacted by someone who is obviously holding Jack and Karen captive. It is more than likely that this same person also designed and created the black CD-ROM currently in your possession.

This person calls himself "the Phoenix" and ends his messages with the words "In Memoriam". The "Phoenix" has specifically asked us to go public with his CD-ROM, which is all part of the challenge he refers to as his "Great Work".

After a great deal of discussion and thanks to the support of the families involved and our partners, we decided to agree to the Phoenix’s demand.

Thank you for your invaluable help.

SKL Network - Editorial Board,
In solidarity with Jack Lorski and Karen Gijman

With that in mind, let’s begin…

During the course of the game you receive e-mails (on whatever account you register) from in-game characters. I go over these in the video, but will also copy them here.
Here are the e-mails received during this playthrough:

From: SKL Network <>
Subject: Latest Info


First of all, thank you for your help.

Here is the latest news in our possession.

A profiler has been hired to build a psychological portrait of the killer. He figures that there is a strong chance Jack and Karen are still alive. We have given him your details, so that he can send you the results of his initial analysis as soon as it's ready.

In case you have not already noticed, a toolbar has been integrated into the Phoenix's program (it can be accessed via a button at the left of the screen). It will let you check your e-mails and log straight onto the Internet without having to exit the program. It will also enable you to view any of Jack's films that have already been opened, and in particular, allow you to save your progress when exiting the program. If you would like further information on these tools, please refer to our booklet.

Last of all, please do not hesitate to check out all the latest case info on our site:

Good luck.
SKL Network

From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Jack Lorski case


I came across your e-mails on the SKL agency's database. Don't ask me how.
I also managed to get hold of the high-definition super-8 film from their site. You can download it from my site and check it out.


Also this one was received just after I finished recording.

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Your team member!



My name's Kristin and I'm a history major at Indiana University (PA). I'm currently on a study trip in France.

I got your address from SKL Network and they offered me the chance of being your partner on the Jack Lorski case (they're forming all the participants into teams so they've got more chance of cracking the case).

The guy who made the CD is just so wacko! He's also got a thing for the esoteric.
That's handy, that's what I'm majoring in! Check out my site on and you'll see what I mean.



Next update: Having passed the Trial of the Initiates, we proceed into the first puzzles of the AQUA level.