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by macnbc

Part 4: Chapter 3.5


So there seems to be no progress on solving Tetima thus far. I'm hoping someone out there can figure it out!
If there's no meaningful progress towards a solution by Tuesday I'll go ahead and start work on chapter 4 regardless.
I've been really hoping to get others involved in this LP though so hopefully it doesn't come to that!

Speaking of interactivity though.. it appears a bit of a technical problem has come up.
I've been noticing that there's a significant number of emails that I should've received by now but haven't. (I've started receiving replies to notes I've never seen. I also remember more from past playthroughs.)

This isn't terribly surprising considering the age of the game.. it's a miracle any of it works at all.. and it isn't a dealbreaker either since they're not critical to finishing the game.
What it does mean is I'm having to reconstruct e-mail conversations from outside sources such as walkthroughs.

With that in mind, here's the e-mail chain up to this point. A couple of these I have received on the LP e-mail account, and the rest are reconstructed.

From: Fe256 <>
Subject: HD super-8 film!


If you haven't already done so, head over to my site and download the super-8 film.
It's contains a whole bunch of clues that will help us find out where the photos were taken and solve the Tetima puzzle.

I'll contact SKL to patch things up with them and offer them my help.

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: You're a genius!


Hi Géry,
I've just loaded your analyser: it's unbelievable - talk about a
computer whiz kid! (either that, or you're the Phoenix himself! To be honest,
I think I prefer the first possibility)
If you're looking for a job, then no problem, as my uncle could do with
someone like you in his company ;-)
The analyser let me get to the end of the Aphebis screen.
Thanks again. I think the 3 of us will make one hell of a team!


From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Re: You're a genius!


Thx Kristin! Don't worry about the job. Now if U invite me for a weekend in Indiana, that's a different story <VBG>!

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Strange


The wheel of the zodiac that appears when you successfully complete a
test shows that the Phoenix is into astrology. However, the strange
names of the different modules (Tetima, Soapphi, Ustichos, etc...) don't mean
a thing to me. I'll have a look in my books on esotericism.
Catch you later,