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Missing Since January / In Memoriam

by macnbc

Part 5

I was getting a little worried about whether anyone was going to tackle the Tetima puzzle, but Mr. Highway took on that task!
Was he successful? Let's find out!

In today's installment the trail leads us out of Greece and off to ConstantinopleIstanbul.


From: David Marcus <>
Subject: My initial analysis



My name is David Marcus. I am a psychologist specializing in criminology. I was appointed by the SKL Network agency as a profiler to help you understand the type of personality hiding behind the "Phoenix."
I have assembled a few observations based upon the initial information received by the agency.

1. The pseudonym chosen by the 'Phoenix' is an attempt to force people's admiration. We are dealing with someone who is extremely proud and very sure of himself. You will need to tread carefully when dealing with the sensitive nature that goes hand-in-hand with this type of narcissism.

2. His motives. The technical expertise and the graphical skills demonstrated by the Phoenix in designing his program could lead us to think that we are dealing with several individuals. Nevertheless, the rare information sent by Lorski before he disappeared could lead us to the opposite conclusion: that we are faced with just one man who is aware of his 'genius' and is looking for a sort of recognition through his "work," a characteristic found in certain serial killers. By creating puzzles and then giving out clues in dribs and drabs, and by continually playing at concealing the information that he has agreed to give out, the Phoenix has shown himself to be manipulative and highly intelligent. No one can be in any doubt about his intelligence, and he wants to make sure of that. His ability to set ingenious and complicated traps means that we must take some precautions: this individual has proven to be calculating and is therefore dangerous.

3. The contents of the puzzles created by the Phoenix prove that he is familiar with several languages, including Latin, and that his mind is filled with esoteric references. He more than likely comes from a well-to-do family. He has a fixation for the past and uses his knowledge of religion and history to fuel his speculations. This all might seem somewhat confused, but do not be fooled: as is the case with a large number of serial killers, the Phoenix's acts are performed according to a logical pattern hidden beneath an irrational appearance. What is the Truth that the Phoenix is looking to reveal to us? The way to track him down is obviously to discover what that is, which Jack Lorski and his friend must have done.

4. Are Jack Lorski and Karen Gilman in grave danger? If you consider that they have fallen into the hands of someone who will not hesitate to kill, then the answer is yes; if you believe the possibility that the Phoenix has done all this just to draw our long-lasting interest in him, then the answer is no; not even he seems to know what his real motives are. One way or another, he needs you.

Be careful.

David Marcus

This one was received after I finished recording:
From: SKL Network <>
Subject: The 7 sons of Helios



One of the participants has just sent us the following information:

"The introduction to Tetima gives a series of names: Ochiis, Cercages, Macalus, Actpas, Tenareus, Triomus, Candaphus.
As I was convinced that it was an important clue, I took the last word and I swapped its third syllable with those from the other words, such as Candamus, Candareus, Candapas, etc…
Then I typed the words on the Internet.
None of the words resulted in anything, except for Candalus which sent me straight to a site that was all about the Heliades: Ochimus, Cercaphus, Macareus, Actis, Tenages, Triopas and Candalus!
The Heliades were the 7 sons of Helios (the sun) and are associated with the island of Rhodes, which is the solution to the Tetima puzzle."

We thought we would send out this information to everyone, in case it comes in handy later on.

All the best,

SKL Network.

Your Turn:
The solution we're looking for this time is a 6-digit number preceded by the word "LUND".
Available clues are 3 names: Victoria Baring, Satô Mai, Maria Luiza Alves
This also has something to do with a bookseller in Istanbul.

Good luck and good hunting!