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by macnbc

Part 7

Our investigation into the Volker murder continues in Istanbul this chapter! We wrap up the AQUA stage of the game and begin TERRA where the Phoenix gives the story a startling twist.

I'm looking forward to discussing some new theories after this one!


(A technical note on this video: For whatever reason my video capture got audio only for the cutscene after Epichnaus. The missing video was captured and spliced in from a video walkthrough by Youtube user LPAdventureCompany. Thanks go to them for that!)

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: name of the modules (cont.)


I found an old magic book containing the names that might match those
on the CD-ROM.
SOTHIS (Sothir), SITH (Ouphisith)... They're names of Greek decans, which
confirms what I was thinking: the Phoenix makes references to
astrology. As there are 3 decans for each sign of the zodiac (a decan represents
the space travelled by the sun in 10 days), the program should
therefore contain 36 modules (3 decans x 12 signs = 36). The first 9 modules
seem to involve water; it's quite likely that the CD-ROM is structured
around the 4 elements present in the tradition: Air, Earth, Water and


From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Sol Invictus


I've found some interesting info on Sol Invictus (I'm obviously not
talking about the rappers and other rock groups that have pinched the
Here's a summary of what I found.

"The Roman solar cult (the Greeks refer to it as Helios) originates
from the Mithra cult, which came from Persia and incarnated the god of the
Sun, the earth and the dead, and broke into the Roman Empire in the 2nd
century AD.
In the 3rd century, mithraism came in for competition from the
fast-spreading Christianity in the army and the public services. It was
officially introduced into Rome upon Aurelian's wish to reunite the religious
conscience around a solar cult - the Sol Invictus or the invincible
Mithra was then compared to the Sun and imposed as a monotheistic
religion, which was taken over for political purposes. Its principle was
based on a link between the idea of the sun, the master of the world, and
the concept of the invincible emperor, representing and incarnating the
star on earth. Aurelian looked to use the religious concept as a moral
base for establishing his power. He turned the solar religion into a
State cult and made the sun the supreme god of the Empire, Sol dominus
imperii romani. He proclaimed himself the representative and emanation of
the solar divinity. He was god on earth, deus, master by birthright
(Dominus natus), he to whom the eagle, the bird of the solar god, brought
the light.
Aurelian built a temple in Rome dedicated to the sun at the foot of the
Quirinal, along the Via Flaminia (replaced in the 8th century by the S.
Silvestro in Capite church). The emperor was represented with the
radiate crown, the solar symbol. Coins bore the name of the emperor followed
by DEUS and DOMINUS NATUS (god and born master)".

Besides the reference to the solar cult that the old bookseller spoke
about, some of the elements are a bit disturbing, such as the connection
with Helios (Rhodes), the eagle (Phoenix)...


From: Hans Berthold <>
Subject: Statement



The SKL Network agency kindly gave me your email address.
Since Jack Lorski disappeared, there have been some unfortunate rumours
going around about our institute. We therefore thought it important to
set the record straight.

Our institute is named after Professor Volker, who created it in 1965.
He loved what he did for a living and devoted his entire life to his
archaeological research for a completely unselfish, non-profit making

Certain rumours today have insinuated that Peter Volker might have been
involved in trafficking ancient books before his tragic disappearance
in 1975.

Although he may have been in possession of a highly valuable book at
the time, that does not make him a trafficker! A large number of
archaeologists find themselves in possession of precious objects at some time
or another in their lives. Even if a group of criminals did not hesitate
to murder Peter Volker to get their hands on his object of research,
that does not make him in any way their accomplice! For pity's sake, let
us spare this innocent victim from being turned into an infamous

Some of us knew him well enough to bear witness to his integrity. We
will not let his memory be tarnished and the institute he created harmed
by the rumours arising from the fortuitous discovery of a film, and we
shall take the strongest of action against those individuals at the
origin of these unfounded rumours.

We would also like to point out that the institute continues to uphold
Peter Volker's mission and is not associated with any political or
religious movement. It is a fully independent institute that continues to
work in accordance with the mission for which Peter Volker created it:
provide humanity with and promote awareness of ancient languages and
ancient culture.


Hans Berthold
President of the Volker Institute

Volker Institute
Friedrichstrasse 95
55127 Mainz

Your Turn:

We are currently looking for the birthdate of a person named Helena Whitford. She is somehow connected to the Phoenix, and therefore possibly kidnapped, or even dead. The Phoenix mentioned her private diary, so this may be online somewhere.