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Part 9: Chapter 6.5


Well spotted there, SSNeoman! I hadn't commented on it yet but if you hadn't posted it already I would've said that I don't think it's actually cheating. If the Maccioni company didn't secure their emails properly to hide them from a Google search that's their problem!

Meanwhile others are involved in the search. Here's the e-mails received since yesterday!

From: SKL Network <>
Subject: Information request


Following the request from several people, we have officially contacted the Maccioni cemetery. We have been promised a swift response, despite Felice Maggioli currently being in China.

All the best,

SKL Network.

From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Brous


I've sent a e-mail to Felice Maggioli to ask him for the first name of his deceased son, while explaining all about the Phoenix's CD-ROM… He'll probably think I'm a nutcase, but you never know! Otherwise, I found in the archives of Italian papers on the Net some old aticle about the case, but it doesn't say anything about the first name.
Another way of getting an answer is by hacking into the cemetery's site, but it seems to be well protected: there's no way of getting in at the mo.

PS: the article translate by an automatic transltaor
Misterioso omicidio a Napoli
A man was murdered last night and his body thrown on the pavement of Benedetto Croce. The body was discovered at 6:15 am by the occupants of house 18. Bus driver, Massimo Palacci, 25, was on his way to the bus station to start his shift when he stumbled across the stranger's body. He called the police on his cell phone and waited for the emergency services to arrive. The police were quickly on the scene and cordoned off the area to preserve any evidence that might be there. According to the few witnesses we managed to question, the victim was shot in head… Burn marks in the form of a circle were noticed on the victim's palms and forehead. The police were initially under the impression that it had been a gangland killing, but the least that can be said is that the police are bewildered by the initial elements which do not match the usual practices in the Camorra. Initially suspected of the crime, Massimo Palacci was held by the police for several hours until he was scagionato
(cleared?) by the statement given by a woman with whom he had spent the night and whose identity he had not initially wished to reveal.

Interesting that you found the other end of Gery's email on the Maccioni company website! Looks like we're ahead of the others right now though! He also clearly needs a better translator.

I'll aim to have chapter 7 up by tomorrow!