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by macnbc

Part 12

Man that was a fast solve! I thought it'd be a day or so before someone got the solution up but it was posted within 1 hour!
Looks like I'll need to give you all some harder ones..

In this installment the body count continues to climb. Jack and Karen enjoy some.. personal time.. before their first encounter with The Phoenix pushes them back into the investigation!



From: SKL Network <>
Subject: Origin of the names



One of the participants has sent us the following message, which might be important for what is to come.

"After countless searching through different books on alchemy and astrology, I think I've found the origin of the names in the Phoenix's program.

After establishing a connection with the names of Greek decans, I found their Egyptian equivalent: Tpi-Biu, Zont-Har, Biu, Si-Sesme, Sesme, etc… Egyptian gnostics considered the 36 decans of the astrological zodiac to be divine powers. The names on the CD-ROM would therefore correspond to Egyptian demons.

Based on this assumption, my searches came up with the exact names on the CD-ROM in Hermes's Liber Sacer. The Phoenix's ritual therefore draws inspiration from alchemy. All that remains is to find the link between Hermes Trismegistus, the founder of alchemy, and Sol Invictus, the Phoenix's calling card."

All the best,

SKL Network.

From: Marco Lerini <> (who appears to be ahead of us in the game)
Subject: Pepisoth



For Pepisoth, I no know if you notice but the sounds change on certain points. Obviously an indication or it is maybe a trap.

A presto,


From: Fe256 <> (who appears to be behind us in the game)
Subject: Nonna Fina


In fact, I forgot to tell you how I managed to get past the security on the cemetery's site.
By typing Felice Maggioli, I saw his name on some yacht club's site. If you type his name in the login and the name of his boat as the password, you can get in no prob! Child's play!!

Esoteric count:
Where I keep track of the number of times someone says "esoteric"
5 (in video only)
8 (including emails)

Your turn:

We're looking for the name of the "sixth planet" in Phoenixspeak (meaning not "Saturn".) The image at the end of the chapter video may be involved.