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Missing Since January / In Memoriam

by macnbc

Part 16

In this chapter, Jack and Karen begin to understand what The Phoenix's plan truly is, and try to head him off in Venice before he can complete his tally of 12 victims. Little do they know that he is right behind them...

Also, Pacman.


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From: SKL Network <>
Subject: Message from Christina Lombardelli



Christina, Karen's Italian friend, requested that we send out this message on her behalf to all participants.

"Hello everyone,
My name's Christina. I'm Karen's Italian friend. I heard about this awful 'game' from a friend, and now I reluctantly see that I've been dragged into it.
The purpose of this message is to thank you all for your support and let you know what the last news was that I received from Karen over the phone before she disappeared.
She called me from Venice, while she was hot on the trail of the killer. She was convinced that she'd be able to help the police catch him. She gave me a quick rundown of his modus operandi, and in particular explained his fascination for Giordano Bruno. Since then, I've done a bit of digging into Manus Domini. It's a sort of sect made up of Catholic extremists. Some of my friends think that it's an unofficial secret religious order that was created during the inquisition and which has survived to the present day. After a bit of investigating, I managed to ascertain that at least 6 of the Phoenix's victims were more or less members of this organisation, including Antonio Foscarini, the journalist from Rome who was apparently investigating on behalf of the organisation. I don't know if this information will be of any use. Whatever the case, I hope we'll find Jack and Karen asap.
Christina Lombardelli"
From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Cassiopeia 1572


For the Chnoumos screen, Cassiopeia 1572 refers to a supernova in the Cassiopeia constellation discovered by the astronomer Tycho Brahe. The marbles supposedly represent the stars that need to be put in the right place. There must be a diagram somewhere by Tycho Brahe that shows where they go.

From: Kristin Lark <>
Subject: Tycho Brahe


Tycho Brahe was one of Giordano's enemies. He didn't meet him in
Prague, but in Wittenberg I think.
Having read Giordano's biography, it appears that the Phoenix's victims
have always been left in places related to Bruno's enemies. It was
logical then that the Phoenix would leave new clues in front of the house
where Tycho Brahe lived.
Can anyone help me with Subos?

From: Fe256 <>
Subject: Choutaret


Have you figured out what message the Phoenix is talking about? I've gotten Muhammed, but not the rest.

Esoteric count:
Where I keep track of the number of times someone says "esoteric"
6 (in video only)
9 (including emails)

Your turn:
We need the name of the discoverer of The Phoenix's sacred book. The book itself can be found via Minerva's Message, A.K.A. the one written in blood. The first part of it is "NAGHA", but what's the rest?