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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 2: Karst City

Update #2

Today we wonder the streets of Karst City. Also a patch got pushed out that fixes an item in the video; and making it less OP.


Crystal Seed
Active Effect: Temporarily increases attack by 50%.
Soft seed made of crystal. Quite difficult to grow into an adult tree, due to its delicacy.

Faerie Tear
Passive Effect: Raises user's resistance to status ailments.
Solidified state of a fairy's tear. Lightly enchanted, it scintillates subtly.

Bakman Patch
Active Effect: Summons several Bak blocks.
An absolutely tasteless object. Belonged to Moka, the demon servant of the undead witch Lubella.

Magnet Stone
Passive Effect: Attracts munny stars.
A peculiar rock, rarely found on the surface.