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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 3: Forlorn Monastery

Update #3

We find shelter in the Forlorn Monastery home of the Esselin Convent.


Monastery Key
Opens the doors of the upper floor of the Esselin Convent.
The Convent and its annexes have been abandoned once they fell to the Queen's uncontrollable dark sorcery.

Crest Fragment (Forlorn Monastery)
Key Item. Grants a new bow charge level.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle's gates.

Tainted Missive
Active Effect: Temporarily increases attacks by 100%, at the cost of HP.
The followers of Esselin preach forgiveness, but their thoughts are spiteful and filled with hatred.