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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 4: Cinder Chambers

Update #4

What a weird place to store your incense.


Crest Fragment (Cinder Chambers)
Key Item. Allows mid-air dodging.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle's gates.

Cinder Key
Key Item.
Used to lock the doors of the Cinder Chambers, an annex of Esselin Convent.
The chambers, once a storage for censers, were partially burned and locked to prevent further casualties.

Red Ring
Passive Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per kill, but enemies won't drop munny.
Ring made of blood, possessing the ability to drain the remnants of fallen enemies.

Ring of Candor
Passive Effect: Emits a sound when near secrecy.
A ring often sought for its aesthetic value.
Few know of its secret uses.

Impurity Flask
Passive Effect: Restores HP whenever user is poisoned.
Dreadful liquid produced by Toar, the slumbering doctor.
Its aroma, although deadly, has charmed many unfortunate souls.

Drilling Arrows
Passive Effect: Arrows pierce through enemies.
Special type of arrow used by the Archery of Karst.

Pocket Incensory
Passive Effect: Adds flame damage to your attacks.
Enchanted container filled with charcoal and incense.