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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 5: Subterranean Grave

Update #5

Today we bust an old friend out of jail.


Crest Fragment (Subterranean Grave)
Key Item. Increases arrow charging speed.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle's gates.

Garden Key
Key Item.
A key covered in moss.
It contains an inscription in Karstian script, although barely readable.

Clarity Shard
Active Effect: Increases visibility in dark areas.
According to Karstian customs, these are placed on tombstones as offerings to the dead. It's believed that their lights guide those onto the afterlife.

Necklace of Sacrifice
Passive Effect: Increases attack by 100% when in low health.
Very small necklace.
Those who wear it will find strength in its strange blessing, hoping to retrieve that which was lost.

Sparse Thread
Active Effect: Casts a powerful burst of energy.
Frida. deemed worthless, was thrown to the tombs underneath the capital. It's hardly possible to tell if it ever took the form of a human, or of something else...