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Part 6: Whiteleaf Memorial Park

Update #6

On this touching episode of Momodora RUtM, Kaho bites off more than she can chew and a new hero is called into the line of duty. Also I messed up pronouncing Torn Branch by calling it Thorn Branch.


Dull Pearl
Passive Effect: Grants poison properties to your arrows.
A pearl made to look like the rare jewel of a demon.

Torn Branch
Passive Effect: Restores a small amount of HP per kill.
The Whiteleaf Park, affected by the Queen's sorcery, was displaced towards the bottom of the city.
It was infested by underworld spirits and demons, such as the immortal witch Lubella.

Cat Sphere
Active Effect: Alternates between cat and human forms.
Object of unknown sorcery.
Looks like an ordinary glass ball.

tiistai posted:

That little hidden weirdo is a himehorn, a reference to a race of characters created by Dan Kim

The comic:

There's nothing you can do with her except bully her by smacking her around