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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 7: Frore Ciele

Update #7

It's backtracking time! We've got a lot of side content to get through including bug hunting, health fragment getting, trade quests, and an optional boss. Also we meet Eri proper. The manual has nothing on her even though she is more of a reoccurring character than some of the others, but what can you do? All I know is that's she's a native Karstian, and is royalty.


Soft Tissue
Active Effect: Creates an artificial healing zone.
Enchanted fabric used by Esselin nuns in their liturgies.

Bloodstained Tissue
Active Effect: Casts offensive sorcery.
Fabric drenched in the 'holy' blood of Archpriestess Choir.
Fearing the power of the Crown, she clinged to the Queen's side and worshipped her as a goddess. Unlike her older sister, Fennel remained loyal to her faith and resisted the Queen.

Dirty Shroom
Key Item.
It's leaking some slimy white substance...
imp girls are fond of it.

Crest Fragment (Frore Ciele)
Key Item. Allows warping when praying.
Fraction of an emblem representing the current Karstian regime.
Four parts are needed to access the areas leading to the castle's gates.

Rotten Bellflower
Active Effect: Inflicts poison on the user.
A favorite of the previous King of Karst.
His baptismal name is kept in absolute secrecy, to avoid misfortune.

Hazel Badge
Key Item.
A trinket, as useless as it may be, can still hold a place in our heart.
This shiny little badge in particular seems to depict an owl.

Blessing Charm
Active Effect: Casts protective light sorcery.
A protective tool given to infants of the Karstian royal bloodline.