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Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight

by Combat Lobster

Part 8: Royal Pinacotheca

Update #8

We are closing in on the Queen, but first we have to navigate her maze of paintings and other fancy stuff!


Violet Sprite
Active Effect: Casts protective dark sorcery.
Unknown substance leaked out of emptiness.
The citizens of Karst, upon being cursed, entered a transitional state, neither truly alive nor truly dead.

Quick Arrows
Passive Effect: Drastically increases speed of arrows.
Special type of arrow used by the Archery of Karst.

Black Sachet
Passive Effect: Heavily increases attack power, at the risk of losing HP.
Sachet applicable to one's chest.
Its scent might induce sudden frenzy.

Sealed Wind
Active Effect: Casts wind sorcery.
A wooden box used for storing divine spells.
Holds strong wind.

Heavy Arrows
Passive Effect: Increases power of arrows.
Weapon of Magnolia, captain of the Archery of Karst.
Raised in the woods, she joined Karst's order of knights and partnered with the loyal Lupiar.