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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 13: The Peg Leg

To Scabb Island. I have some unfinished business to take care of.

Wait I forgot to go to the bathroom!

Sorry, my mistake.

Wait, it's back. Damn my weak girlish bladder!

Gone again.

What? Now you have to go?

Now then, Me and my shiny old saw have some business to take care of.

Look at him, blissfully unaware of what is to come.

You thought I'd forgotten about you, didn't you.

But The Guybrush Never forgets.

Vengeance will be mine!


And now the final touch: to gloat shamelessly.

Heh. I sure showed him who's... What was I showing him again?

Never mind, Me and my saw of justice have a little more business to take care of!

Oh he's not here...

...Even better. Come to me buzzsaw girl. He can't keep our love apart anymore!

Oh you just want to be friends... Okay sure I can do that...

But first: Petty theft!

Justice has been served.

Well... Something has been served anyway...

And I got some nice new implements of death out of deal.

My work here is done!