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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 17: Wheel! Of! Fortune!

Now then, I've broken out of prison, and my easy escape route is mighty tempting...

But there seems to be a good ol' commotion going on in this here alley. And I can't resist a good ruckus.

Illegal gambling? I need an adult!

Oooh spinny!

All right!

You're a winner sir! Which prize would you like?

I'd like the money.

The money it is.

Wow, he won! This game must be real easy.

I bet I can con myself some sweet sweet cash no problem!

But I swore that I would never gamble again...

It took so much coke and booze to get through the rehab...


How ya doin'?

I'd better not...

I just remembered. I don't gamble.

Why not? You could win big!

I'll just have one bet... One can't hurt...

Betting costs money, kid. One piece of eight for one game.

Oh, yeah. Here.

Okay kid, what number do you want?

Good old 7 black, never fails.

I'd like 7 black.

Okay, here we go!

Come on seven black, don't fail me now.

Round and round and round she goes...

...Where she stops, nobody knows.

3 black. Too bad. Better luck next time.

Thanks anyway.

Well, maybe if I try just one more time...

6 red.

6 red it is.

All right!

You win again! Today is your lucky day alright. Would you like money again?


Hmm, he keeps disappearing for short periods of time, and then winning constantly.

Probably not suspicious or sinister in the slightest...

Nevertheless, I feel I must get my solid snake on and find out how he wins every game...

To... uh... prevent scamming and subsequent stagnation of the gaming business... yes.

I'll be saving them from themselves.

Oh man this is so badass.


Right. The winning number will be 26 red.


Uhuh, so that's how it is then.

Ah, this takes me back.

Hopefully this time will go better, and I won't need all that surgery...

Hey maybe this guy would like to hear my awesome story...

Oh come on... It has robots... No?

Oooooh, now you've done it.


What's the next winning number going to be?

First give me the password. You have to get it right three times.

But there are four fingers... Four fingers four fingers four fingers...

Crap now all I can think about is four fingers!


Okay, that's one right. Two more.

That must be it! So this is one.


That's two. One more.

As tempting as it is to insult the burly gentleman with a hand twice the size of my head...


Okay, you must be a member of the Gamblers club. But I don't recognise you.

No, I was transfered here today. New orders.


Sorry, I had a flashback there. What I meant was I just joined today.

Oh, okay. The winning number will be 9 black.

Let's do this thing.

Okay kid, which number do you want?

I'll take 9 black.

Okay, here we go.

I swear if that large, large man screwed me over, I'll have to go over there and give him a piece of my mind!

She rides!

You're a winner, kid. Which one of our FABulous PRIzes do you want? Take your pick!
You can have 60 pieces of eight!
You can have the invitation to Governor Marleys mardi gras party!
You can have a free pass to see the linguini brothers circus!
Well? Which will it be?

Wow... that was exhilirating...

Gimme the MONEY!



I've got this nailed! I'd be an idiot to stop now!

And why would we want to do a thing like that?

I got caught up in all the glitz and glamour of this back-alley wheel...

I'm down 10000 pieces of eight... And this is my last shot...

I'd like to place another bet. Here's a piece o' eight.

Which number ya want?

I'd like 11 red.

All right. Here we go.

Round and round and round she goes...

...If it's not eleven red he'll take my toes...

Yes! 11 Red! Suck it!

You're a winner kid. Which one of our FABulous PRIzes do you want?

I'll take the INVITATION!



I got it. And now to quit forever. After one more...