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Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

by Clavius

Part 37: The Tunnels

Run Guybrush!

Run as fast as your little pirate legs will carry you!

You must collect every item and meticulously calculate every possibility to find a way to defeat LeChuck, it could take weeks...

Oh hey, there was root beer in with that other crap.

Aha, bang on time.

You wanna fuck with the mighty Guybrush do you?

You show him!

Hey, nothing's happening.

Root beer only works on ghosts Guybrush. Having been ressurected I'm not a ghost anymore. Allow me to demonstrate.

Let's not be hasty...

Well shit.

Oh thank you merciful Jesus an elevator. Get out of there!

And now it's just a case of...


Oh well that's just perfect.


Yes you just stand there and have a little cry. Don't go in that door or anything.

This doesn't make any god damn sense!

Where the hell are you anyway?

This is what's under Dinky Island?

What could it all mean?

But there are more pressing matters to deal with at the minute...

Oooh, helium. That should provide just enough lift to get the elevator working...

Ever the optimist, in mortal danger Guybrush is thrilled to fill up his pants.

Are you quite finished there. Now get the other one and that balloon filled.

The grog machine! I remember you!

You're the son of a bitch that stole all the money!

All he wanted was a delicious grog, and you took that away from him...

Asshole machine!

Hey a coin came out, so that's where all that money went...

Keep doing it!

Here we go again...

Now that is not a pretty sight...

How could this scene possibly get any wors...


You are sick! You are a sick sick person!

It's a little hard to feel sorry for you at this point.

Oh you say that now. That's your brother you despicable human being.

The least you can do after a display like that is offer him a tissue for that nasty cold he seems to have.

Yeah, the tissue Stan gave you a long ass time ago you didn't even notice.

Isn't that the most intuitive thing you've ever done ever.

Hmmm, there's that treasure chest.

Hey, there's something else there.

An E ticket? What could that possibly mean...

I'm sure there's a truly fascinating explanation, but pressing business, you know.

Quick, use it!

Helium to the rescue!

Do you think you've taken enough bits o' rotting corpse for one adventure now?

Escape! Sweet sweet escape!

Hey, it's the alley from Melee Island.

It's no paradise but nothing could possibly come close to being worse than enduring LeChuck's horrible torture...

All that sex gave me time to think.

And I have the perfect plan. I have everything I need.

It's go time you dead asshole.