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Part 10

In an alternate universe, very similar to our own, on May 31st, 2007, two seemingly unrelated events occurred. Forums member Masaki was hit by a bus, and forums member John Pastor was injured stopping an alien invasion of earth (he's a superhero is this reality, you see). As a result, neither of them were able to get on the internet the next day and vote in this thread. Thus, things took a decidedly different turn...

I never thought the internet would choose to avoid the hell-hole forest.

The internet was tied, I pretty much just used my own vote to break it.

I'm not sure if that makes me feel any better.

Isn't it silly that the ancient ruins are simply named Ancient Ruins?

The people who named it are not very reliable. I'm going to go and find some fairies!

Fron is looking for fairies?


How very fascinating.

Boy, Fron. You sure are clumsy! Haha! He's so silly.

I can't see the bottom of that hole. I think he might have broken every bone in his body. Oh hey, I can't find my treasure.

I think her hands must be made of butter.

This is the worst pain I've ever felt. I sure hope those two aren't making fun of me right now.

Someone approaches!

Who could it be?

Oh great, someone else who pretends they're related to everyone. Except this one loves pop culture references.

Great, another smartass kid.

Hey, you're the kid around here, brother.

No, I think you'll find that I am the older of us two.

Either way, there are goblins about to kill me, so want to help me make my final stand?

Sure! I love adventure and all adventure-related things. Including the slaughter of monsters.

I think this is a reference but I don't get it.

Mikey is awesome because he has a boomerang so he can attack from affar. Fron is awesome because he can kill the enemies in one hit. We get a ribbon for killing them. It raises magic power, so it's intended for Chitta's use.

So your status bar tells me!

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice outside the ruins:

Fron's been gone awhile.

Yeah, he fell several stories onto stone in the middle of a maze. I'm getting a bit worried. Hey, what's that shaking?

So THAT'S what it was!

I bet it stole my treasure!

I can't think of any good reason to believe that.

I have an idea! We'll lure it onto this hole!

That might drop it on Fron, though.

True. Luckily, I hate bears more than I like Fron.

And so they did.

You're a big dumb idiot for coming down here alone.

Me? What about YOU?

I live here.

Any chance of more backstory than that?


Look, I know this place has cheap rent, but actual houses are all located in better neighbourhoods.

What's your deal, coming here, anyway?


This conversation is going places.

For some reason the bear comes from ahead instead of behind despite entering from the same place. Now, the bear is at most, equal to our heroes in terms of speed, but it got down here much later than Fron. The fact that it reached the same room at around the same time means that Mikey led Fron the wrong way and has no idea what he's doing.

Mikey still rocks. Much better than Morin.

Gee, I wonder?

I thought I'd crushed you with a bear.

Looks like your sweetheart has been waiting for you, brother.

My name's actually Mikey.

Anyway, we saw a bear. It was crazy.





Hmm... What's that!?

My treasure...

Can't you give a straight answer, Chitta?

Chitta's treasure! Yeah!

How much more complicated can we make this?

 I swear that everything below that last screenshot is directly transcribed. I didn't leave anything out. 

You're not coming?

Nope, this is my home. Plus you people are irritating.

Oh well, bye!


So, anyone regret their vote?