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by Opendork

Part 12

So, can I assume there's a graveyard on this mountain?

You may.

Sure looks like it. What with the mountain and the trail and all.

It's nice to know that no matter where we go, there will be bats and goblins. Wait, actually, the exact opposite of that is what I meant to say.

Those monsters are blocking the trail. Marco must be trapped further up!

Let's not waste any time, then.

Hoo boy. This level is a pain in the ass, and it's mostly Marina's fault. Today, I shall be informative.

Our strategy is thus: Fron stays in this exact spot and kills the monsters as they come.

Can't we just make a break for it?

You could, but for some reason, waitresses are not the best fighters. One hit is all it's going to take to down Marina.

Bats can be taken out with one jump slash. You only have enough max AP for two at a time, so it's important to recharge whenever you have a free moment. That won't happen often, because bats can move two spaces at once and love to pair up.

New enemies show up over time.

Let's look at Marina's skills! She's got no less than three comedy options: Cooking, Cleaning, and the not-pictured Washing (which is COMPLETELY different from cleaning.) Looks like whenever she goes to do the laundry she needs to take a five-minute break every few shirts. She does have treat (gives Fron HP) and help (gives Fron AP), though. Use them liberally to ensure victory. Once everything is dead, you can proceed up the mountain.

Oh no, a rockslide!

But it's just one little rock.

Thanks for ruining my joke, Fron.

Oh, sorry.

Hilariously enough, if you approach from the tile further from the wall, the rock doesn't even fall. If it does fall, it is essential that you not have a seizure that causes you to walk into the pebble. As long as you do that, you can just wait two seconds for it to finish exhausting its potential energy.

That wasn't so bad.

Only thanks to the magic of planning and luck, Fron. Mostly the second one. You died three or four times getting those shots.


Moving on:

-Fron goes up a level (see diagram above), and learns Kamitachi. It shoots a bunch of piercing wind blades all over the place. Good on groups.

-Items: Cure-all, 2 Wonder Leafs.

I wonder if she'll punish him by making him do chores?

I can only imagine the sorts of things he has to deal with.

What kind of kid plays in a graveyard, anyway? Furthermore, who puts a graveyard on a mountain with rockslides and deadly monsters?

The people selling coffins.

Hey, Marina? Why don't I run across and grab his cap?

Across the rickety bridge full of holes? Leaving me undefended on the way down?

Well, when you put it that way...

Sure! Sounds good, as long as it's no trouble.

Uh, no problem.

Well she got bitchy real fast.

Calm down, Fron. She'll likely be killed violently on the way down, anyway.

Yo, Bro!

Chitta, you came all this way for me?

Sister's here, too.

Tia's behind you?

She had to take a break down a little ways.

-so that she can show up when it's more convenient.

She can catch up to us at the graveyard. Let's you and me go find that cap!

I don't know what you're talking about but Yeah anyway!

It's Fron and Chitta this time. I know you all hate her but she's actually useful here.

Thanks to Shinearrow. It does lots of damage, killing bats in one strike, and it pierces, hitting both enemies in a pair at once. (In this shot, the bats are blinking because they are about to die. The reason one seems to be invisibly is that he was when I took the shot.)

Incidently, Fron can jump over those holes, but it means splitting up, so I don't recommend you do it.

Goblins take a few more hits to kill, but they still fall to the might of Chitta. This might is increased by the fact that you can bottleneck the enemies so that they can't get to her. If they could she'd be out faster than... well, not as fast as Marina, but still pretty fast.

Haha! I'm spearing goblins!

I don't think they should give magic to young children.

Fron takes out the last few bats that show up himself. To the victors goes:

-2 Magic Berries and a level up to Fron.

That wasn't so bad. Chitta's pretty tough for a five-year-old.

Great, maybe you can dump her off, soon.

I don't know what we're going to do, actually. Find her parents, I guess. Once she's safe, I can go back to finding fairies.


That said, you will all enjoy the events of the next episode. You'll never guess what happens! See you then!