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by Opendork

Part 15

It's the next exciting episode! Time for a prison break!

Yeah. I kinda figured that.

I'm not really sure. I think they might have killed the Captain, except... well, I don't know.

As for the sailors, they were practically made of plywood anyway.

I think you hit your head harder than we thought.

Now. Not. Time. Especially since they took it anyway.

Why would they even want a stone, anyway?

Well, it's not like they didn't take everything else, too.

Not so. You've forgotten something important.

What is it?

Mr. Voice, you'd word it best.

These pirates are really, REALLY bad at their job, remember?

One of them dropped the key.

We're in business, then.

Yep. I'll see you in a bit. Important things are happening elsewhere.

But the booty isn't here.

Uh, well.. I mean... BARAMBAT IS NOBODYS FOOL!

So, like, didn't you already get your share?

It'd be pretty funny if they had a misunderstanding and it was a key to a completely different tower. One of less PLOT IMPORTANCE. Or if it was a fake. I bet he'd fall for it, too.



(Man, I am SO awesome.)

Are you sure? I'm pretty sure you could just sort of sissy slap these guys and they'd go away.

Fron! Infiltrate Outer Pirate Ship. Find missing our pretty shiny rock! Destroy-[/I]

Is there any way to turn you off at tense moments like these?

Alright, alright. Hey, there's something you should know about these guys. It's a "feature" of theirs.

The most important feature of any video game sentry: extreme tunnel vision.

My turn!

Try to beat his time. Go!


Nin Nin Nin!

Hold on. I think you could hit that one with a bit of wood or something from there.

Damn those pirates! They made it invisible!

Good thing Tia can see invisible things.

Wait... are you... I don't even want to know.

We have a problem, Fron. The stone's not here.

What do they want it for, anyway?

Well, it's not like we know what it does. Maybe they have some idea?

The pirates?

Point taken.

Let's go topside and see.

No way! It's...

Oh, it's just those morons again.

If only I knew the answer to that question.

This is pretty fun, actually. You've done well to make it this far, but now you die! Haha!

You can't beat us as long as we have the strength of our friendship!

I don't like you all that much, actually.

No, you see, we were supposed to be reversing... oh, fuck it.

I know you can kill things with it...

As Tania would say: 'I'm going to, like, kill you, and stuff.'

The whole boat is shaking! What did you do?

Now this ship is going to break apart! You'll be drowned! Whahahaha!


Do you ever thing ANYTHING through before you do it?

Well... I, uh...

You idiot!




Hey! Listen, all you naysayers-

With that, Barambat blows up the boat. The one he was standing on. He's not bright.

You know...


I really hate that guy.