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Part 16

Manyorcas posted:

Registered to say that this gave me a nice, hearty chuckle.

So I helped push someone to register? That makes me feel good.

Last time:

Barambat was a big dumb idiot. Again.

Now for this week's episode.

Fron... there's something I need to tell you.

Last time you said that there was something behind me. What is it this time?

Oh, pretty much the same thing again.

Judging by the placement of those red dots, the Kracken's tentacles are way longer than they should be considering the size of the main body and the thickness of the tentacles themselves. Then again, what do I know about the proportions of a squid?


Well, the main body is made of titanium or something, so you might as well hit follow orders and hit the tentacles.

No need to move at all during this fight, only turn. Tia can use her arrows to great effect, and Fron has Sonic Boom. When you hit a tentacle, it goes under for a few turns, so you'll need to spread out your attacks. No problem, since the spots you start out in are conveniently outside their range.

Uh oh, it's breaking through!

Right, that happens sometimes, but you can just hit the offending tentacle back down. There's no reason to take any damage in this fight.

-Just the standard level ups for both.

It disappeared. Is it dead? Does it live still, somewhere in the depths? Who knows?

Who cares? As long as it leaves me alone, I don't.

Well, it might attack more ships.

It's been doing that for years, but look at how much trouble it had with two kids on a raft.


Have you?

No. She's getting delirious already.

That's bad.

In another place, at the same time (or maybe a different time. The hell if I know.):

This sucks, by the way.

It's a sea monster. You can't make a pet out of a giant squid that eats people. For one thing, he's too big to bring home, and furthermore, It'd be really hard to take him for a walk.

Oh for fuck's sake say something.

How about I give you some pirate treasure? Will that make you feel better?

How about we split it evenly?

Hey, that's a great idea! Will that make you happy?

No, you moron. We're stuck on this raft.


Let me time this pause:, five seconds.

Why is it that the only thing I care for right now is a giant squid? Why the hell am I on a piece of debris in the middle of the Ocean? Why does my life suck so much right now?

That doesn't even make any sense!

Look, I'm tired of all this crap, too.

It's just like before I left home, I said to Ma-

Try to call the wind spirits one more time. If you clear your mind, it might work.

I guess it might work.

I know it will. We have to get to the desert, Tania.

I'll give it a shot.

None of this makes any sense and my head hurts. I'm going back to the other people, the less crazy ones.

I've got a bad feeling about this. I think we need to get it back before it's too late.

I just hope Chitta's okay.

She can fly. I bet she went somewhere with nice things and no people who speak in dots and... this is making me as crazy as you, and I haven't been stuck on a raft.

That's the ocean for you.





...I am stuck in purgatory.


There were some crazy people... and some inefficient chores... and ghosts... and really bad pirates... mostly it was just the crazy people a bunch of times.

With a helmet used to cook things. Where did she get that, anyway?

Gotta give them credit; they go where only Earthbound dares to go.

That's it. I'm out of energy. Make up your own captions, internet. Use emoticons and catchphrases and all sorts of things.

Wait... there should be... land now?

Wait, land?

What's that? You see land?

Oh yes! Finally!


Well, I'd appreciate it if we could get this stuff to the next page. We're pretty close now. Just five replies needed. Write a haiku or something. Fuck, I dunno.