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Part 18

Towers towers towers. Let's get this over with.

If Chitta really came here, I'll find her.

Unless she flies away. She can do that.

Uh, well... I hope she doesn't.

I dunno, but this is definitely where that ball of light went.

Well, this place is old and crumbling, but I guess we've got no choice but to take a look.

Maybe if she REALLY likes swimming.

Hey, Chitta! ......Nothing.

Well, she would have to be at the top.

Let's get going.


What the...

It's the Undina, Fron! Watch out!

What is an Undina, anyway?

It's a big girl-shaped water monster. What does it look like?

The Undina can't actually be damaged. It just throws slimes around. They suck and are slow and weak and Tia snipes them off. Now, on the other side of the room... actually, would you guys like to field this one for once?


Sounds good.

Very nice.

Why, thank you!

Hey. Who's that at the door?

YEEHAW! Let's see if the Undina digs my "good vibrations!" Manifest destiny! Let's have a hootenanny!

Shit, Marx. You just hit the ground so hard it nearly collapsed the building. Even the slimes turn into puddles.

And yet all three of you are conveniently unharmed. Hey, that's a good thing.

You kids leave this floor to me! Keep climbin' on up.

You sure, Marx?

Fine. See ya later.

Someone put land mines in between floors of their tower? Also, did someone spill something yellow on parts of the floor or pee on it or something?

So, one of these switches must trigger the stairs, perhaps. I mean, we could just climb up the little ledge, but I'm curious which one it is.

Each on of the switches hurts you when you step on it for the first time. Well, there are a few exceptions to that.


You know. It's like this is less of an adventure and more of an... annoyance.

You guessed it, that switch makes the stairs appear. But wait, it's not over yet!

This unmarked switch makes the stairs disappear into nothing again. Isn't this fun, kids? This isn't artificially inflating the time it takes to complete this room ONE. BIT.

Ugh... fine.

One quick trip back later...

Alright, we're out. Let's go. I hate this floor.

I hate snakes.

Can't stand 'em?

Just follow me, we'll get past them.


That was a pretty pointless floor.

That's fine by me. I think I see the roof up ahead. It's not a very tall tower.

Oh... you two again.

I'm finding it hard to maintain my enthusiasm.

What? You here to try and take us down? Ha!

Again? Yes.

Isn't that right, Tania?

You're going to ask me to do more stuff for you, aren't you?

Funny you should mention that. Take care of these kids, alright? After all, you've proven yourself reliable on such matters before.

*sigh* Fine.

Alright, I'll just jump off the tower, now. See you later!

Holy shit, he really did it.

Hey, you get back or I'll be forced to summon more things. Uh... that's all I got.

W-what? I'm like a year older than you!

Really? Wow, that just makes it worse.

You... you kids and your insults! I'm going to... uh... totally kill you... and stuff...

Oh, gee. Tania summoned some ghosts.

Tia, hold down the fort as best you can. I'm going to beat the crap out of Tania.

Sure... I guess.

It hurts when you hit me with the sword! Unfair!

You can't beat me! I'll use my lightning attack!

After this, she uses a lightening strike attack. She uses one turn to target, and it strikes the next. All you need to do is move, except she doesn't use it if you stand right next to her. So...

Try to figure out what happened!

Besides the leveling up:
- Got a cure-all and a chain-mail armour.

Pretty much. Except we didn't find what we were looking for.

If she was there, those two would have chased her off.

Those two?... Hey, is that-

If I go down, I'm, like, taking you with me!

You really seem to want to suicide for some reason, Tania.

Oh no, not THAT spell! Outta the way, you two!

Comets don't have numbers, Tia. Especially not runaway ones.

What did she just do?

She nuked herself. Now she's dead. Gone forever.

What? Why would she do that?


Are you alright, Marx?


One day she just up and disappeared. She's the one I've been searching for, but when I found her she tried to kill me! I didn't even think she could use something that powerful. Ohhh...

Can't you do something for him, Tia?

I can use Treat on him.

Do that. We owe him, after all.

Thanks, Tia.

Just rest. With my help, you'll be recovered in no time.

Well, if it isn't a familiar glowing ball.

I think she knows that, Fron.

It's dreadful! Horrible! It's all because of the stone on the mountain!

Uh... do you want to start making sense, Chitta?

Try some half-assed exposition instead of half-assed foreshadowing?

I just told you it's AWFUL!

Let me try guessing. Is the stone you were talking about that shiny rock?

Is the mountain you were talking about Diamond Mountain?

What are you basing that on?

It's a really tall mountain on the middle of the island. Judging by our usual luck...

Alright, so Barambat has gone to Diamond Mountian with the stone?

Well if you know that, why are you still here?

...No, sorry. I still don't get it. Come on, Chitta! Give me some details!

Listen, Fron. You go with Chitta to the mountain. I'll stay here and treat Marx, then catch up to you.

Alright. We need to find out what Chitta's so worried about. Are you sure you'll be okay?

I'll be fine.

Are you ready, Chitta?


Let's go, then.

Leavin' the desert now, everybody!

We sure are! Tee hee!

Where the hell is Fron?

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so we traded places!

Is this idea of a cruel joke? Because I probably deserve it. Anyway, update ends now.