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Part 20

No answer. I hoped she had just flown over the wall.

Kids these days are too impatient I guess. Must be gone ahead to the mountain. I think you might have more urgent matters to attend to, however.

That's right. An army of heavily armed defenders was beaten back by a group of snowmen. Seems nobody knew how to light a fire or anything. They've come to free their bethren from the grip of their small children-oppressors.

Snow spirits are no joke. They've got... uhh... scratching branches and icy breath.

Oh, they're a joke. If you use strategy. Seriously, for once you actually get points for thinking things through. Head over there, Fron.


Yep. You see, normally those cold men of precipitation could surround and beat the crap out of you, but in this driveway you can bottleneck them. You'll be forcing them to come to you one at a time.

Good thinking. Here they come.

God I love the jumpslash.

I can't believe it took me so many years to think of it.

Careful of the snowmen standing right there. They have a freezing breath attack that pushes you back. All you can do is try to push forward back to your spot.

Oh jeeze, that's cold.

More will keep showing up all the time, but if you just keep this up, you'll be alright.

Congratulations, Fron! You've done what the highly trained army could not: defeat beings made of fluffy powder.

It was nothing, really.

Let's check in on a good friend of ours...

I'm feelin' alright, now. You need to go find Fron.


I'll be fine. He's the one in danger. With the luck you two have, he's being attacked by rabid snowmen or something. He need you, Tia.

Uh, well see you later. Have a good day, and all that.

Heading back to the future present Snowt.

Thank you, sir, but you see-

Except for the ones directly to your left and right.

I understand, but I have an important request, you see.

Considering that I helped save the town, I'd like permission to climb Diamond Mountain.

Why not?

Oh, this is going to be good.

Mostly by teenaged vandals, I'll bet.

So do you people LIKE to shovel your walks every day? Is this all a scam by the chiropractors?

Are you sure I can't talk you into this? There is a very important reason why-

Except the guy who already got in and is SURELY NOT CAUSING ANY DAMAGE.

Kinda makes you wish you hadn't bothered saving his ass, huh?

Now what am I going to do?

I think you know the only possible answer to that question.

Holy shit that was fast. Did you teleport?

Is Marx alright?

He's alright. I don't think anything short of a mountain falling on his head could kill him, anyway. Where's Chitta?

She got bored and flew off to the mountain herself.

Then what are we waiting for? A written invitation?

Well, you actually DO need something like that, and they wouldn't give it to me.


It seems we'll have to force our way in.

Or sneak. That was real fun the last time.

At a time later than the time we were just at...

Good to know Snowt's army still doesn't have a brain between them.

We've got no choice but to fight, then.

Alright, Tia. This time I have the strategy. Let's fall back and let them cluster together.

Yes, sir!

Wait, are you actually-

In this formation, I can hit them all with this attack. If I do it twice, they'll be within one easy attack of death.

You're seriously-

Between your magic arrows, and my sword. We can beat them easily!

You just fucking KILLED them all!

I don't know any non-lethal attacks.

That's... you're... fucked up...

-Items obtained: large shield, chain mail, cure-all.

But you're... stating the obvious... and you... killed... what...

Next time we'll be heading into the mountain and facing all sorts of trials as we forge towards our final confrontation with Barambat! At least, I assume.


Hey, you still there?