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by Opendork

Part 22

Holding up?


Good enough. Get going.

Well, let's see. We've got some gargoyles, and some more bats. Mountain bats.

Boy, I sure am sick of bats.

The objective: kill all enemies. You can't leave until you do it... for some reason.

Come on, we've seen bats before. Jump Slash is still the way to go.

These guys are a bit more of a pain. They have a long-range attack that knocks you back, and they will actually put distance between you to use it. Still, nothing to worry about.

Path cleared. Moving on.

Will this... all be worth it?

What's this all of a sudden?

I'm not wasting my time? I can save Monstania?

Sounds like you need your girlfriend back. You have my guarantee, you can keep that promise... even though those things are usually death sentences.


You're still on a schedule, so you might want to move it.

Hello again, brother! We have to hurry!


Same deal as last time, except this time there will be more enemies appearing. Oh, and we have Chitta.

No bat can withstand the Shine Arrow!

Look out, here come more of them.

Don't fuck with Chitta, you guys! I'll fry your asses!



This battle:
-Only Fron levels up. Has Chitta ever actually leveled up? I'm pretty sure she gains them in the times she's gone, but she always seems to get shafted in actual fights.

If we just climb these steps, we'll be at the very top!

Couldn't this guy have decided to sink the island from a lower altitude?

Come on!

Alright! I'm climb your damn-


We seem to have stepped into outer space. Or maybe the space between dimensions.

I'm getting a headache just being in-

Oh great, someone else who pretends they're related to everyone. Except this one loves pop culture references.


"JAKE looks lost out there!"

-here and what the fuck just happened? How did I get all the way up?

Eddies in the space-time continuum, I guess.

I liked that last one.

I'll tell you all about it when this is over.

Right! This is it!

So we have to depend on a human? Well, it could be worse...
It could be a hell of a lot better, though.

Those people are all crazy. How could an island sink? It doesn't make any sense geologically. Oh crap, Goblins are coming! I hate those guys!

Well, the basement is flooded... but on the bright side, all the tiles were cleaned at once!

If anyone can save us, it's that kid. I just wish I new why Tania was part of all this. Maybe I'll never know.

Why are you asking for MY comments? I'm dead!