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Part 4

Hello once again. I'd like to ask again that if you like this and you haven't done so yet, please leave a comment. It's nice to hear what people think, but mostly it's because of my fear that I'll reach a browser-raping number of images soon. I hate it when that happens, and I know this game isn't likely to generate those sorts of replies just sitting there, regardless of the quality of the updates.

Last time: Fron and Tia escaped from some kobolds by entering a cave. I sure hope you guys remembered to shut the door behind you.

Sure. I'm worried we won't be able to get back out, though.

Maybe to open it from this side you need to find a switch hidden three tiles away with no enemies. In fact instead of enemies there is candy all over the ground.

Um... yes. Yes it does.


I was saying before that is was deep, and now I'm saying it's also dark.

What? That was at the top of the stairs.

Lots of enemies to fight to get through, and no cave would be complete without...

Oh great, bats.

Those two bats are teamed up like Fron and Tia, moving together. I guess the bats in this cave rely on the buddy system. They also move two spaces for each of your one.

How did these things survive down here for 50 years anyway? I don't see any bugs or anything that bats eat down here.

Magic sword makes you do lots of damage. Once you take out a group of enemies, you can take as much time as you need to recover, so this mission is pretty pointless.

Uh oh, there are some big guys over there.

Yeah, they must be orcs or goblins or some shit. They do a lot of damage, but unless you can't stand waiting for three seconds to recharge between fights this is still pretty much braindead.

I have nothing left to say. This really is as pointless as it looks. You're fighting trolls and bats in a cave, after all.

Hey, the door opened once we killed all the locals. Imagine that.

We'll just assume that it was a coincidence, considering the alternative is that someone hooked the door up to the life of a colony of bats, which is just too insane to consider.

Imagine if you were leaving but you left something inside, you'd have to commit genocide just to get it.


- Fron levels up again, and gets JUMPSLASH- the best move in the game.

I can't believe I didn't think of it before. I JUMP and then I SLASH stuff on the way down!

-Tia also levels up again.

-Obtain a cure-all and a shield. I guess one of the big guys had the shield, and was just choosing not to use it.

No, that's a stupid idea. I just found it on the ground next to the door.

Yeah, I think I saw something hiding behind that air over there.

Part one of the cave is now done. Part two begins now.

Real slick. You warned her to watch her step and then immediately walked onto a trap.

It's dark, alright? You try walking through an underground passage and see how much you can see.

Way too much, considering it should be pitch black. I don't see any sources of

Oh hey. Torches that illuminate a radius of about a foot around themselves and nothing else.

Wow! A 100% straight path with no enemies! There are surely no more switch traps!

Well now that I can see them I can just jump right on over them.

What the hell did you expect to happen? Hey, Fron.



What... the hell are they?

Some guys who accidentally got locked in those closets. Their heads also grew huge for some reason. Seriously, though-



Alright. Okay. It's gone. I killed it. I'm okay. Oh god.

Glad that's over. Just be careful of that other floor switch.

This won't end well.

Fron? Don't turn around. There's just a... bat I need to shoot.

Shit. I knew this place was irritating but he's around two steps from having a aneurysm here. I never really thought about how crazy it is to have mummies down here, though. Did they dig up bodies and put them in the closets, or did a bunch of Egyptians just die nearby and they were all "Hey, when life gives you lemons."?

- Fron and Tia level up. Tired of hearing that yet?

-Tia learns Time Stop. She can now fuck with logic and reason and modern physics on all enemies for a short time.

Do you think there are any more-

No! They're all gone! Don't kill anything!

Whoever built this place was real fucking subtle.

Hey, do you think we could possibly kill ourselves to avoid this stupid puzzle?

Heh. Rage is funny. I feel good now.

You're... alright?

It's fine. No problem. Everything is just fine.

If this is a riddle, then those skill-testing questions they ask you when you win something here in Canada are actually meant to test your skill.

Yes, this is completely stupid and braindead and boring. I swear better things happen later. I think.

Oh hell.

These mummies.

Uh... moving... moving on.

-Fron and Tia do something. You'll never guess what.

-Fron gets Whirlslash, which hits everything adjacent to him. It's pretty good.

-We pick up Defendring, a good accessory that raises defense. Tia gets some iron arrows for extra attack power, and another cure-all falls out of a wormhole into our item bag.

We came all this way for a rock?

Oh god, so much blood everywhere.

I guess it must be important or it wouldn't be locked away like this.
Hey Tia, you've got red on you.

Hey everybody next update begins part 2! It's going to have an IMPORTANT, GAME-ALTERING DECISION.

Also, spot the inconsistancy that I just noticed in this update.