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by Opendork

Part 5

Before we begin today's update, I think we're at a good point to briefly summarize the events thus far. Ready, you two?


Oh no, a kobold!

I am looking for fairies.

I disagree with your decision, and feel you should spend time with me instead.

We can accomplish both by running into the monster-infested woods, potentially to our death.

Oh look, a cave.

There is a rock in this cave.

There are many rocks in the cave. The cave is, in fact, made of stone.

This one, however, seems to be unique in some way. Most probably it possesses magical properties.

God, why did I even bother with this?


Here we are, back in town. Well, Fron is back. We haven't seen it yet.

I'm glad we managed to get back and have a few hours of rest without the town being attacked by giant snakes or something.

As am I. Hey, let's equip you and Tia with all that cool stuff you got underground.

Fron gets the extra defense for very good reasons which will soon become clear. Next update.

If you squint hard enough you can pretend it's Solid Snake or someone else not wearing a pot on their head.

Meanwhile, at the hotel or inn. (I forget which)

My guess is nothing at all and that whole thing was a big coincidence.

I refuse to say anything about this exchange. Instead I'll just make fun of the fact that their room seems to be floating in some sort of gradient abyss.

You're just now figuring this out?
Don't tell Fron I said this, but I think Tia is just a little bit completely stupid.

Use a bottle, then if you die it'll bring you back to life.


No. Nevermind. You don't get it.

Hold up. Is Blue Rock his actual name?




I was hoping that answer would be accompanied with an explanation.

Family name Rock, given name Blue. What's to get?

Never mind again. I'll just be thankful he never makes a personal appearance.

It probably causes cancer.

*knock knock*

I wonder who that would be.

I can't blame him for being taken aback somewhat. It's not everyday that a little girl being chased by kidnappers knocks on your door. Though, it's also not everyday you descend deep into the ground and fight trolls so hey.

Why am I not surprised that Tia is acting as if nothing alarming has occurred?

I'm Chitta!

Hey, it's the comic relief villain.

When did our hotel room become a popular vacation destination, anyway?

Even Tia is calling this woman on her idiocy.

I'm, like, Tania, so you can just hand over that kid or you'll, like, die, and stuff.

Please don't let her!

Hey, lady. I'm not about to let this kid go with some stranger when she rushed in here in her saying someone was after us.

Hold that thought, Fron. I'm going to let the internet decide.


So, what'll it be, Goons? This actually affects the two stages after this one. Not in any sensible way, of course, but it makes a difference. I don't know what kind of turnout to expect, so I'll check tomorrow or the next and see what wins. See you then!

Just wait a s-