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Part 6


Votes are in, it's pretty overwhelmingly in Tania's favour.

I'm doing this.

I'm not saying just give up Chitta, I'm saying you shouldn't jump to conclusions.

Even if Tania was her damn mother, I'd still take issue. The thinly veiled threats and all that.

If we take her side, the next few battles are a bit easier than the ones you would take being a nice person.

No dice.

Okay look. Tania is not actually a bad person, and this is all just a big misunderstanding. I didn't want to spoil it. Just say you don't have time to get involved in her family squabbles.

Well, if that's the case I suppose I can make it up to Tia later.

Hey! Just whose side are you on, anyway?

Haha, I was lying through my teeth. She's evil and you, my friend, are gullible.


Don't forget about crazy lady.

Why don't we, like, just fight for no reason anyway.

Despite the outfit, her magic powers are pretty much limited to summoning mud men. This game's major villains currently resemble lame versions of minibosses from Symphony of the Night.

Hold up! You're not getting off that easy.

Okay, look. From my point of view, getting input was a great choice. From the internet's point of view, blatantly going against the plot made sense. Why can't you see the bigger picture here? There are no lasting consequences, except good ones.

I think being a complete dick has some lasting effects on people's impression of you.

We all make mistakes, even if those mistakes are forced on you by others. You'll be forgiven. Hey, I'll even help you out here. Go up and jumpslash that Mudman.

Now let's have Tia stop time to give you some free hits.

Ugh, fine. Hey Tia, Timestop!

As if I need to be told to tear apart the space-time continuum.

Ohhh... pretty blue l

Good. See? One's gone. You can do it.

Yeah, but time stop should be wearing off around now.

ight. Hey, what happened? Oh, I should help, but that would mean I have to DO something for myself.

Fron! Mudman! Need help now!

Hold on!

Hey, asshole. Hands off. Or mud-tentacles or whatever. I'm just going to cut you apart now. Just to stop you attacking my girlfriend. I mean, I was going to anyway but... just die.

You only need to kill the men made of dirty water to win. Just the standard level ups this time, no items.

Holy shit, Fron. That's pretty cool, actually. Stupid, but badass.

There... there wasn't a window there. You punched through that WALL to get out?

Yeah, it wasn't easy.

Holy SHIT! I have not been giving you the respect you deserve.

I mean jeeze, I said it like five minutes ago. Jeeze. Not cheese.

Let's run several miles to the lake and think later.

What a crazy thing to interrupt me right now of all times. I was so close to meeting a fairy.

You sure were.

I practically had one walking up to me! Asking to borrow a cup of sugar!

Yup, let's go.

I dunno.

Where are your parents anyway?

(A mountaintop?)

I wasn't really paying attention earlier.

What do you expect from a kid with a pot on her head?

Gotta love Chitta's crazy brand of non-sequiters in this scene. Too bad after this she never goes further than pretending everyone is related to her.

Just because she might be simple doesn't mean she's hard of hearing, Fron.

She's just intrigued by your crazy name. Actually I take that back. Blue Rock.

It's not an uncommon name where I'm from.

Is Blue? Please say no.

It isn't. I don't know what was up with his parents, I admit.

Okay, I feel a bit better.

Here's where the path splits depending on that choice. If we had chosen to support Tia, Fron would opt to go into the forest here. Since we chose to support Tania, we get to visit an even more exotic local.


It says "Danger, do not enter."

Uh oh! Danger?

That's real responsible, there.

We need shelter, right?

I guess...

Then let's head on in!

Hey, it's dark in here! Dark dark dark. I can't see anything, tee hee.

This isn't familiar at all. Not one bit. This is amazing and unique level design. Never before has anything like this ever been seen. Certainly not by me.

Bats are dumb and die in one hit. Even a normal slash will suffice.

But overkill is so satisfying.

Naturally. At least these bats have access to the outside.

Ick, that's a big spider.

Leave it ta me!

Woah, Chitta. You never mentioned you had magic powers.

You ain't seen nothin' yet, Brother!

Okay, you just unleashed a wave of fire from your body and roasted everything hostile within a few meters. Explain why I needed to save you?

Well, I can really only do it once every little while.

Right. Besides, that woman is a magician, too.

Also, Chitta takes damage like a bitch. I suppose that's what you get when you're a small child.

-Fron levels up. That means that for the first time ever someone DIDN'T level up!

-2 each of Wonder Berries and Wonder Leaves, for HP and AP recovery, respectively.

I think we're still in a cave, people!

Today is getting to be the weirdest day of my life, behind the time Tia crazy grandfather shot me out of a cannon using the power of fire spirits.

You survived, it seems.

Barely. But I was the one who volunteered to test it. Designing new modes of transportation of dubious value is kind of what he does. He's really only succeeded once and it was just a boat. Actually, he's the reason I'm even on this part of the island right now...

Save it for now. The next episode is GBS' WORST NIGHTMARE- See you then!