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Part 7

It's been awhile!

Not for me.

Pfft. Time.

Hey guys here we are in a cave! Isn't this exciting?

Even I'm finding them boring at this point.

Luckily this one is shorter than the other one.

I thought we were in a cave. How did I get up here, exactly?

Oh no, a giant clichéd boss!

I never really understood all your talk about people getting freaked out by spiders where you are. I mean, obviously they aren't pleasant, but the reaction of utter revulsion seems a bit extreme.

Keep in mind that we don't deal with deadly snakes and werewolves and anteaters all the time like you. Plus our spiders are freakier up close. Smaller though. Basically we're all big pansies.

What's the difference?

Well they've got eight eyes instead of two for a start.

That's a bit disturbing, I guess.

Hey! Look what I can do! I can burn things! That's what I can do!

That was a wonderful decision. When someone's HP runs out, they become immobile, and they can't attack, but they can still use items to heal themselves back alive. Despite this, if both characters run out of HP it's game over.

Hold on, Chitta. I'll finish it off.

This is what happened around three of four times when Fron jumpslashed it. It was NOT very fun. Luckily, the spider just wanders around for the most part, and has no long-ranged attacks. Since Chitta took out his helpers, it was pretty easy to finish things off.

I can't figure it out... where does the web actually attach to the wall?

Fron, spider.

Right, sorry.

-Fron does that thing that he does. He gets a shiny new longsword, learns dashattack, which allows him to dash while also fulfilling the practical functions of an attack.

-We pick up a pendant, which increases luck slightly. This is roughly as useful as a cannon that can only shoot feathers.

-Another cure-all: Because even spiders need healing sometimes. It's just that after they picked the flowers they realized they couldn't eat them.

It was great! There was a big spider and he was all huge and had four fangs even though they aren't supposed to have that many and he was going to drink my innards but you cut him up except he dodged it a lot of times because your aim is really bad. It was great!

Hey, this isn't a forest OR a cave!

There are about a hundred ! emoticons in this part so just insert them at random in your head and I won't have to post a bunch of images.

Oh great. She hired a big dumb guy. To catch a five-year-old. What am I going to do?

Think I can take him?

No, and anyway valley girl over there has Tia.


I know I should be noble and tell you not to do it, but PLEASE OH GOD HELP ME FORGET THE KID.

What am I supposed to do? This is no good at all. It looks like... all I can do is-

As much I hate to say it, give Tia some credit.

What do you mean by that?

Distract Barambat for a bit. I mean, come on, Tia can stop time. What does Tania have? Sentient dirt?

You might have a point.

Rarrg! Give it up now!

I refuse.

I don't have any other choice!

Hey! Watch me defeat him with my blinding light of power!

I'm sorry, was that supposed to do something?

How can this be? No one survives the irritation!

Well, now that I've finally walked three metres to your position, you have NO CHOICE but hand over-

I beg to differ.

I've been stopping time and working those ropes for the last five minutes. Now what are you going to do?

Unless they stand behind you, it seems.

What did you just do? Did you, like, use your sword as a lever and launch him into the air? I don't get it.

It's a secret technique.

I bet you just got lucky.

See, you were doing okay up until you went and said that. You're just lucky he's wearing loads of armour and that lake is apparently really deep. What kind of lake is that, anyway? Looks more like a swamp.

All you ever do is criticize.

It's mostly constructive.


Sure. Lots of people. We'll have safety in numbers.

I can't STAND big cities!

Too bad! This is your mess, so you're going to have to come along no matter what. I didn't go through all that to have you get lost now.

That was meaner than normal, Fron. You're learning well.

I just hope we don't run into those crazy people again. Well, one of them is just over that bridge, but at least one of them should have drowned.

A forest. Shoot me.

It's a good name. It gets right to the point: This place is a horrible shithole.

Here's your last chance to influence things, goons!

You're letting them choose again? After last time?

Like I said, this is the only other time. Bear with me, here. I really can't make this on on my own.

Ugh, what do I have to look forward to?

I'm glad you asked!

This person of questionable gender!

-A really good accessory for Fron!


-Jumping rats!

Not Forest:
This classy fellow!

-A good accessory for Chitta!


-A grizzly bear!

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