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Part 8

Well, today was a busy one. I went through both paths to get screenshots, then wrote the biggest update yet in terms of number of images.

The votes are in, and with a last-moment vote, we're going in.

You're saying it was close? I expected every vote to be for jumping into the nearest volcano.

If only that was an option. To be honest, if you knew what was coming up the other way, you might agree with them.

If you say so.

Have you gone completely insane?

Hey, it'll be fun. We'll have an adventure.

Fron sure doesn't listen to warning signs!

Oh, fine.

You should be thankful, actually. You don't have any idea the kind of things vote for in other threads.

Later on, in The Forest of Descriptive Name.

Hey Tia! Chitta!

What do you suppose is up with the perfect squares of dirt?

Huh? I dunno. Someone cut the grass?

In the forest?

I've never been in here, how would I know. Maybe elves did it. I hear those guys are pretty odd.


What's that?

Just shut up for awhile. Perspective change.


I'm not totally confident of your path finding skills.

Well, it IS the Lost Woods.

Forest of Confusion.

I said that, didn't I?


Aaand back to more interesting people.

Woah. That guy's got green hair.

Hey, who goes there?

I'm Morin. I'm an elf.

An elf? That's topical.

Uh... hey, can you tell me exactly what this guy is?

What? You mean an elf? Tall guys with bows and harps? Always live in forests because the Lord of the Rings said so?

No I mean... is Morin a guy or a girl?

I thought he was a guy but then I saw that mugshot.

I know, I'm pretty sure he's a he, but he looks really feminine, you know?

For someone in a JRPG I'm surprised you are so new to the concept of androgyny. Remind me to dig up some pictures from Tales of the Abyss and I'll really blow your mind.

Heeeeeeeeeeeey! Hahahaha.

Oh well. Hey, let's get going.

If I was the type of guy to make lots of gay and drug jokes, holy shit would this section be easy.

What? You want me to choose? I thought you were the guide here.

I just thought you might like to choose, you know? We could have a nice walk.



Oh boy, this is getting uncomfortable.

Well, when a mommy and daddy grasshopper love each other very much, they have absolutely nothing to do with this at all because those are NOT grasshoppers.

Stupid jumping rats. I can't stand them.

Got them near home too, eh?

Yeah, but I think these ones are tougher. I don't know how much help Morin will be, either.

Well he can sing a song that hurts enemies.

Ohhh I'm singin', singin',singin' a song that actually kind of hurts because it's a REEEEEEAAAAAAAALY BAD SOOOOOOOOONG!

I've got to kill him I HAVE TO KILL HIM.

The worst part is that it only does 3 damage. That's pretty much nothing.

More rats show up over time. Morin is a bit weak but not bad overall. He has a bunch of song moves that heal and give AP and so on and so forth.

More pest control, basically. I did pick this thing up, though.

Ah, that reminds me: SPOILS

-Fron evel lups

-Magic Berry get!

-In addition, we pick up some new leather armour, the "VeryWeird" flail for Chitta (She can't attack worth shit so it's useless.) and the Life Ring. The Life Ring is the accessory for Fron I mentioned. It raises max HP by a good bit.

Yeah... sure.

Meanwhile again!

I know.

Just makin' sure you knew!

Let's just go.

What does it look like?


Oh fine, I'll help you look. Why did Fron have to come through here?

In this level, you go around checking grass until you find the right one. Sometimes you get a wonder leaf. Sometimes a slime attacks you. It does 1 damage and dies in one hit.

I found it here. Tia levels up. Let's never speak of this level again.

How did it even get over there? Did you throw it or something?

Yeah! That's treasure!

So it IS your treasure?

Yeah! That...

Alright, let's just go find Fron. This conversation is driving me crazy.

Can I ask a question?

No, you may not.

But I was just wondering-

A wizard probably did it.

Hey... that makes perfect sense! Thanks!

This update is huge enough already. Good night everybody. Talk amongst yourselves. Discuss who should get different accesories or something. Thanks for your continued support.