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Part 3: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 3

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 3

Hello viewers! Between updates I enlisted the help of Liquidypoo to play some catch up with the Key Quests and Villager Requests in the Hunter's Hub. I'll have a regular update for you in a few days, but in the meantime, here's the Breaking Felyne News crew to tell us about our hub shenanigans!

Welcome back to Felyne News Network, with your hosts Purregrine,

and Meowltese!

Today we're bringing you a special edition of Felyne News Network. FNN correspondent Nyalcon is away on a special assignment at the Hunter's Hub. She's here now with her latest report.

Nyalcon here, reporting from the Hunter's Hub with my faithful nyamera cat, Zelda. First, let's chat up some of the locals.

Ooh, are you that new hunter? You've got that "new hunter" look stuck to your face.

Er, I wouldn't say I'm new, exactly. I've already done several hunts he-

: You wanna know what I'm doing here? I'm s'posed to be traveling the world with some friends on an airship. Now I'm busy with food and drink and stuff to load up on the ship. You know what's gonna happen?

Can't say that I do, no.

: Can't wait to get back onboard. See you later, Hunty!

Yes, thank you for your time, miss.
Today, we're on a mission to clear some Key Quests, Villager Requests, and of course Prowler Quests from the Hunter's Hub. For our first set of hunts, I enlisted the help of veteran Prowler Liquidypur and his faithful Palico Juri. It's dangerous to go it alone, after all!

Well said, Nyalcon. Hunting is more fun with friends! Let's find out what monsters Nyalcon and her friends embarrassed.

Our first victim was a Gore Magala, a Key Quest for the next rank.

Reminder to all viewers at home: never hunt on an empty stomach!

And thus, we departed on our first quest.

Liquidypur and I wasted no time in engaging the monster.

I helped by jumping onto its back and stabbing it in the spine!

Liquidypur brought along some sort of strange vehicle. He rode around on this giant spiked ball

and smashed into monsters' faces with it!

Meowch! Looks painful!

Furankly, the Gore Magala never stood a chance!

We'd expect nothing less from an FNN correspondent!

Right you are, Meowltese! Let's see what our intrepid cat crew did next!

Next we started on Villager Requests. Our first item on the docket was a quest from the Moga Chief's son. He wanted us to "take care of" a Lagiacrus.

First, Liquidypur and I sat down together for our pre-hunt meal.

Thus fortified with the Gormeow Chef's finest fondue, we departed on our quest!

Death from above!

In the end, we were victorious!

Our next quest came from the Wycoon. He asked us to collect some Eternal Fossils.

Ooh, a transport quest. My favorite...

I sure hope they remembered to eat for Felyne Supercat...

Oh, purr-shaw! Nyalcon wouldn't make such a rookie mistake.

Well, let's see how they did.

After gathering our purr-ty, we ventured forth!

We found the Eternal Fossils in the deepest reaches of the Jurassic Frontier.

With Liquidypur's help, it was a breeze!

Next, we started on Prowler quests!

Wait, is that a quest to actually kill a large monster?!

In fact, two large monsters! I may just faint from shock!

No kitten!

Oh, no. A Bulldrome and an Arzuros. In the Arena! Whatever shall we do...

How about this?

And this.

And mustn't forget this!

Go, Liquidypur!

Ride your spiked metal chariot to victory!

And teamwork

makes the dream work!

This quest took us all of five minutes.

Couldn't have said it better myself! Let's see what else Nyalcon has for us.

I parted ways with Liquidypur, for now. I stopped by Kokoto Village to turn in the Wycoon's quest.

You should already have received your reward in the Quest Rewards. It's an adorable set of Doll Parts you can use to make a new weapon at the Smithy. It may not look very intimidating, but hit monsters with it and they'll be out like a light! Zenny thanks again for your help, Hunter!

I checked... by "weapon" he means one of those useless human things. I was very disappointed. Next I checked in with the Moga Chief's Son in Yukumo Village.

: Now we can fish again without worrying about ending up as chum ourselves! Did you notice the Sharqskin among the rewards you got, Hunter? It's from the fishermen. They wanted to give you a souvenir from Moga Sea! If you take it to the Smithy, he should be able to make somethin' useful out of it! Thanks, Hunter! You were a big help, as always!

By "somethin' useful" he means "useful to humans." Disappointing!

But the Moga Chief was not done with us!

: Here's the thing: I've been hearing a weird rumbling out at the Deserted Island. Trouble is, Moga's got a knack for runnin' into trouble when we get quakes like that. I got a feelin' that whatever's behind it isn't the same thing we've dealt with in the past... But as for what IS responsible... I got nothin'! If we don't do something, I'm sure the villagers are gonna have some awful flashbacks. No matter what it is, we gotta put a stop to it-- the sooner, the better! So, I want to ask you if you could go out and conduct a bit of an investigation for us. Now, I hate to ask you this, but 'cause you've proven to be able to handle yourself out there... If what's behind the quakes turns out to be dangerous, please, get rid of it for us!

Not to worry, my good man! You can count on the Cat Crew! Let's see what we're dealing with here...

Ah... this. Yes, this qualifies as dangerous. I'll need to enlist Liquidypur's help again for this one!

Yeesh, no kidding! If I recall from my history, that's what the folks at Moga thought was causing the quakes?

That's correct, Meowltese! In Monster Hunter Hunter 3 Ultimate, the player is sent to investigate (read: murder) several monsters thought to be causing the earthquakes plaguing Moga Village. Brachydios was but one of them!

Instead, Zelda and I did another Prowler quest.

This will not present the slightest purroblem.

We killed a bunch of crabs

and weird lizard... things...

Piece of cake. We even brought along our eager young intern, Artimis.

For this quest, I had a feeling I would need to enlist some help.

I sent out a call for volunteers from our roster of intrepid cat friends.


Er, yes, we have a fishing quest to do and-



Now, wait just a- Oh, never mind. That's fine. Lead on, Laboster!


Oh, yes, Felyne Fisher will definitely be helpful here! Good call.


Laboster found fish almost right away! Right here in camp, even!

I did my best to cheer her on!


Laboster led us deep into the cave area of the Marsh. And there,

we found what we were looking for!



Finally! Goldenfish in hand, we headed back to camp-





Hooray! Thank you for your help, Laboster. And that's all I have for today. Back to you, ladies!

Thanks, Nyalcon! We look forward to seeing your next report.

We're almost ready to conclude today's broadcast. Before we go, we have two new members of our Cat Crew to introduce!

Nyalcon sent word that she recruited two new Palicoes for us. First up is Cat Merica, a Defense specialist.

And this is Iron Nyan, a Palico with Fighting spirit!

And that's all from us for today. We just have a quick word for you from Meowscular Chef. Take it away, Meowscular!

It's time for a quick Felyne Fashions with Meowscular! You may have noticed Purregrine's stunning new outfit!

On her head is a bright red hat that sells even to non-swimmers (and aids in ensuing rescue). The head piece is paired with body armor with a pawprint on the chest that sells even to Palicoes who can't swim. She is armed with a popular sword made by an artisan who wanted to hang ten so bad, he hung eleven.

Thanks, Meowscular. Until next time, then. This is Felyne News Network, signing off.