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Part 5: Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News Part 5

"Will it Cat?" Special Episode: Breaking Felyne News part 5

Welcome back to Felyne News Network, with your hosts Purregrine,

and Meowltese!

Today on Felyne News Network, we're bringing you Nyalcon's continuing series of reports from the Hunter's Hub.

Nyalcon here- with Zelda, my faithful Nyamera cat, reporting to you from the Hunter's Hub.

I met up with Holly again, and enlisted her help to take care of the last remaining Key Quests standing between us and High Rank.

High Rank Hub, anyway. We've been High Rank in the Wycademy's eyes for ages now.

No kitten! Doesn't the Guild trust the Wycademy's judgment?

Apparently not.

Our first target was the dreaded Seregios!

Holly assured me she was ready to take it on.

Seregios is no joke! Its razor sharp scales and erratic movements make it a tough meownster to contend with.

Not to mention its pin attacks! Hang on, Holly, I'll save you!

But who's going to save me?! Meowch!

I took one too many hits from those bladescales. It's nothing that a quick crouch won't fix, though.

Once again, my trapping skills came in handy!

Victory feels good!

Next, we had to face another of the Fated Four.

I'll never turn down an op-purr-tunity to get revenge on this thing on behalf of my fellow Felynes!

Me neither! I'll never forgive that Mizutsune for humiliating those fisherman Felynes! They were just trying to make a living.

I got hit with its Bubble attack myself.

But not to worry! I have Soothing Roll.

Holly and I fought our hardest! No quarter!

My rodeo purr-owess netted us the Subquest too!

Nap-time, meownster!

Pice of cake!

Well done, Nyalcon! Of course I would expect nothing less from her.

Next we had to tackle a Rathalos and Rathian!

These two are a powerful team, but you know what? So are we!

We targed the Rathian first.

I used my Dung Bombay to great effect to keep the Rathalos from interfering.

Poop: never hunt without it.

I love this weapon.

We chased the Rathian back to her nest and trapped her.

Then we turned our attention to her mate.

He did not last long.

Another victory for the Cat Crew!

For our final Key Quest, we had to face the last remaining member of the Fated Four.

Gammoth is the beefiest of the Four, but I wasn't too concerned. Nothing we haven't seen before!

Whoosh! Can't touch this, baby!

Ride the mammoth; stab the mammoth!

Once again, nothing a quick Soothing Roll won't fix!

Oh no! Holly is pinned again!

Holly aquitted herself well.

We even made it cry! Which reminds me...

Delivering one of those was the Subquest! I distracted the beast while Holly did the needful.

Once Holly rejoined the fray, the meownster didn't last long.

Un-fur-tunately, we didn't manage to break its trunk.

Still, a win's a win, right?

And with that, the Guild Manager had something to say to us!

The group I sent out to look into the matter just came back with some troubling news. They found something: a cavern littered with more skeletons than you could count. They're calling it Wyvern's End.

We don't have definite proof, but I'd say the appearance of this dragon in the boneyard is no coincidence. Which brings me to my point... I've put out a notice to all hunters. The Wycademy, together with the Hunter's Guild, have declared this to be a top-priority Urgent Quest. We must drive off this two-headed dragon, which we've named Nakarkos. For the hunter that is successful... The Guild will bestow the title of Elite Hunter upon them. So, you know what to do. That's the spirit!

By Elite Hunter she means High Rank, here we come! I'll definitely have to enlist some additional help before we tackle that one.

In the meantime, that's all I have for you today! This is Nyalcon, signing off!

Well done, Nyalcon! That was a spectacular series of hunts.

Ooh, I'm going to be on the edge of my seat until we receive her next report!

Me too! I can't wait. Until next time, viewers, this is Felyne News Network, signing off!