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Original Thread: Get out your flippers and whetstones. (Monster hunter: Tri.)



From our glorious Nippon overlords at Capcom, comes Monster hunter: Tri, the third generation of the series that came out exclusively on the Wii, previous installments were on the PS2 and the PSP. The third installment of the game series brought us a new weapon, customizable Bowguns, free roaming hunts, a proper plot and underwater combat! Bring out your diving suit and whetstones, because it's going to get wet!

For those of you new to the thread that haven't followed my previous thread or just new to the series, I should take a moment to explain just what Monster hunter is. The game is simple, you're a hunter in a world of giant monsters that threatens settlements across the world of Minegarde. The goal of the game is to fight increasingly larger and more dangerous monsters, as you gather items from your surroundings and harvest monsters to make better equipment. For a lack of better words, this is boss-fights the game, as every large monster is comparable to a boss in most video games, due to the time it takes them down and the damage they can dish out if you get hit.

The game tends to have a steep difficulty curve for new players, but all I have to say to new players out there, stick with it! Once you learn a monsters attack pattern and master your weapons of choice, nothing can stop you!

As I mentioned above, I do have another thread for the first two games found here finished yet.) The idea was that it was going to be one big megathread, but I quickly ran out of space due to OCD tendencies kicking in and being a completionist. But no worries! I've learned from my mistakes, for one, I've hopefully improved upon episode icons so they are nicer to look at, and on top of it you can see what is happening on the image.

Secondly, I'll be dropping the live commentary gimmick for single player in secondary optional videos, it's just too hard to think of anything to say while you're focused on a hard boss fight, on top of that I'm terrible at solo commentary. I had originally hoped that there would be a lot of crying and pained noises involved for the live commentary, unfortunately I seem to be just too calm and chill for that when I don't have anyone to bitch to, heh! The live commentary was there to give people an option, but now that I know it's more work than it was ever worth, I'm discontinuing it unless people really do want Live commentary back.

I'll still be getting a good old fashioned host of guest commentators for post commentary, once the initial tutorial videos are over.

Lastly, I'll try to avoid doing the same large monsters repeatedly, as the first and second generation was notorious with sending you against the same monster only in different maps and calling them different missions, since I learn by experience, and I've learned it's not as exciting as I thought it would be for people to watch. (Even though people were telling me it wouldn't be exciting from the very beginning, should have listened.) If there is something interesting to show though, I'll show it, even if it's a repeat monster, the only exception to the rule of trying not to show the same monster repeatedly will be "required" missions to progress and multiplayer to some degree, but that's an entirely different story that I'll get into.

While the information here is subject to change, I'll be doing multiplayer here on the American side servers which requires an American copy of the game and Wii. My current plan is the thread will be semi inactive once the actual recording of multiplayer begins, as the rumors state that the servers are going down in a few months, so I have limited time to complete multiplayer in. Once I get the ball rolling, I won't be stopping it until multiplayer is complete, once I've gotten it all recorded, I'll start rolling out singleplayer and multiplayer videos along side eachother for the most part, so I do apologize in advance.

Speaking of which, my multiplayer character will be seperate from my singleplayer character, so the singleplayer character doesn't get tainted by overpowered equipment and items I shouldn't have access to yet.

People are free to ask if they can guest in multiplayer of course, though I first need to get into contact with the people that asked in the previous thread, if they could join me once I get to this game. I'll try to see if I can't rotate people around, but be aware that I can be prone to forgetfulnesses if people don't speak up and remind me that they want to guest if they haven't had a chance yet, I'll be a harsh taskmaster as far as grinding goes. I'll require that people have a lot of free time and can keep up with me, if they decide to start a new character alongside me, as I'll be blitzing through multiplayer to finish it before the servers go down.

[Insert list of people that have asked or need to ask if they still want to join for when I actually post the thread once I get things sorted out.]

Before we get to the actual videos, I'd like people to vote on the weapons. Everyone get's two votes, one for multiplayer and one for singleplayer, since they will be separate characters. One rule is, people cannot vote on the same weapon twice to enforce some variety. Speaking of variety, people can vote for me to constantly switch weapons up, though it will be only for singleplayer if they want to see me use several types all throughout the game.

If you've never played monster hunter tri before and don't know the character generator or anything about the weapons, worry not, for the first videos I'll have uploaded. While the tutorial section is lengthy and can be skipped if you wish, though there will be bits of plot you will miss out on. The first video should have the character generator in, and I have made a weapons demo video, as well as written a small weapons list section, pointing out pro's and con's of the weapon types.

You'll of course get bonus points for themes that go well with character design and a weapon type. I'll be tallying up votes for what weapons I should use and decide out from that, though note, Long sword and Switch axe are mid and late game weapons, if you do choose those, I'll use a myriad of weapons until I get them.

You could simply just vote on the weapons if you'd like, but if you do that, character generation will be left up to me and I tend to get bad ideas. You can submit your suggestion for character design in two ways, the free form way, just describing the character, such as. "An old dude with grey hair and a beard, he has to have the most manly voice ever of course and his name will be Mountainman!"

Alternatively you can just simply fill out this handy dandy form!

Skin tone:
Clothing type: Type(Number)
Base color: (Add RGB value if you'd like a more accurate color.)
Face: Type(Number)
Eye color: Type(Number)
Features: Type(Number)
Hairstyle: Type(Number)
Hair color: (Again, RGB values if that's your thing, or just give a description of the color.)
Voice: Type(Number)

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