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Part 1: Why Online Quizzes Are Satan

Part 1

Check out this quiz! [April 2nd, 1000|09:12 am]

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Hey guys! I just found the best online quiz ever. I've already forwarded the email to everyone I know and posted it all over my facebook, but I know there's a few of you who aren't my friends on there, yet still read this, so check it out! I got it off IMA's official website. I think it tells a lot about me as a person. Even moreso than the "Which Naruto Fan-Made Character Are You?" quiz.

I wonder if they have any more of these on their website? I think I'll go check. TTYL

Uh oh...[April 3rd, 1000|12:31 pm]

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I just made a terrible mistake. You guys remember that quiz I posted the other day? It turns out that was an official entrance exam for IMA Monster Breeders. And I passed. So they're making me become a breeder. And I mean making- they had lawyers here and armed guards and everything. I've been handed a lease for a nearby ranch, and an assistant picked at random from the latest graduating class of U-Mon.

Her name's Colt. They said she's a natural at monster training, but they wouldn't tell me much else about her. She also looks to be about 12, and I would have sworn she was a boy if they didn't include (Female) beside her name. I went to IMA headquarters to meet with her and the IMA boss guy. I brought my cellphone along to take pictures.

You can call me Colt. You have very pretty hair.

And then the IMA guy droned on about raising monsters and how it was a big responsibility and I'd be thrown into debtor's prison if I don't win any matches after my first year.

The Major 4?

They're the big annual tournaments for the best breeders in IMA. I don't think you'll need to worry about them, though.

Hey! That was pretty mean.

I just meant that we're going to be busy getting the hang of raising monsters for a while. I didn't mean to imply that you're doomed to failure. At least not that time.

Oh, okay then.

And with that, we decided to visit the local monster shops in town. First, we went to the lab.

He was a bit of an asshole, and we didn't have any monsters for him to experiment on yet, so we left for the monster store.

Bitch. She offered to give us a free stock monster, but I'd rather make my own. I read up on this before visiting Colt today. First, we need to go to the monster shrine.

Oh come on! How do you people keep guessing this! I kicked the wall a few times and calmed down. I also broke my toe. But we had more important things to do. At the shrine, you can put in special discs, which contain the DNA sequence of monsters inside, which they can extract and bring back to life. Colt tried to explain it to me, but I sort of glossed over when she started speaking. What I could remember was that music CDs have the same DNA as the special discs normal breeders use.

So I used my last five bucks to get a handful of CDs from a pawn shop's discount bin on the way to the shrine. I have a condition where I can't make decisions on my own, so I'm kind of stuck here. What do you guys think I should use? (I'm still at the shrine, and they're yelling at me for using the office computer to post in my blog, so make it quick)

Home Video - Citizen EP

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Spec Ops: Stealth Patrol (Wait, that's not a CD! Oh well, it should work.)

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