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Part 10: Loongear's Rock Collection

Part 10

Battlesuezo [Jul 20th, 1001|12:18 pm]

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There were a lot of votes, but in the end Incredible Crisis came out on top. So I guess we're going with that. And if it's another flower, I'm going to set this whole city on fire.

Just like you did our house.

That was a faulty electrical socket.

Sure it was.

Oh hey shut up, look monster!

That's... not too bad, I guess. A one-eyed, one-legged frog.

Do I have any choice?

Actually, you do. You can try again with a different CD an-

Okay we're going home!

You still have to name it.

Well, look at its rough skin. It looks almost like it has one big...

I feel as though I should give that thing a giant pair of sunglasses.

We took Rash back to the ranch. Turns out the fire damage wasn't that bad. The monster pen and Colt's room took most of the damage. Almost as if someone set the fire there. But that couldn't be true, because it was an accident.

Rash had a lot of attitude. We'll have to work it out of him. Let's see what would work...

Logically, meditation should give him a higher plane of existence, thus fixing his chronic sassiness.

Instead of meditating, Rash spent that night napping.

Then he pretended he actually did the work.

But we caught you, you little sneak!

I still have a lot of rocks I was saving up for El Sucko, and Rash's eye makes for a good target.

He'd BETTER be. I have plenty more where that came from.

Where do you find all these?

I collect them.

Don't most rock collections involve special, or at least interesting rocks? Your collection is just a bunch of random stones.

...I think they're neat.

But anyway, we have business to get down to. Help me decide what to train up Rash with, internet people. Before I throw more rocks at Colt.

What was that!?