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Part 16: Licking a Gorilla's Asshole

Part 16

My suezo is gay [Jul 28th, 1003|12:12 pm]

[Current Mood| disgusted]
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It looks like I have no choice but to send Rash back to the jungle.

Hmph. Hopefully, your monster will catch some sort of infection and leave the world the better for it.

There was very little of note to detail for the first three courses, save that "Rash" passed them, and managed to learn some kind of new skill.

And then, once more, it faced off against Koko.

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our training creatures, but even keeping that in mind, what your monster does to Koko is disgusting.

The stress from the constant analingus was too great for Koko to bear, leaving her little option save passing out.

As your monster raced off to finish the course, it was ambushed by a mysterious shadow.

It was Mire, one of our semi-wanted rogue monsters.

Your creature apparently became a vampire during its jungle trek.

This new vampirism put it in a state of ease.

Mire could not withstand such an ease, and collapsed.

Take your piddling reward and go away. I am missing Prison Break.

Back at the ranch, we celebrated with puddin' pops and cup jellies.

OMG I got another diamond!

Did you just say OMG?

Whatever we get had better be worth all this effort.

I get the feeling whatever it is will only make me suffer more.


Colt? What is it? You've been staring at me for the last five minutes.

You disgust me.

Not that way, you dummy. I mean whatever we train Rash with will be worth more.

O-oh. I knew that.

Sure you did. And I bet you knew this, too.

Where did you hide my cyanide capsule?

You're not getting it back until after the song.

Rash just swallowed my cyanide.

Oh no! Now I have to induce vomiting! Quick, give me a hand.

Good luck with that, Colt. I'll work on a training plan just in case you succeed.

Right. So apparently, training Rash right now will give him a bevy of stats. Just what should I bevy up?

Also, here's his new vampire attack. Get to decidin'!