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Part 22: Now Sing the Pretty Ducken Song!

Part 22

That stupid duck [Dec 30th, 1004|10:50 am]

[Current Mood| like I wasted my life]
[Current Music|David Bowie - The Magniflerous Return of Ziggy Stardust]

The first thing I did upon returning home was sell every last bit of disc chips Rash picked up during our volcano adventure.

I'm rich! I'm gonna buy a million ninja stars on ebay! And we'll get Rash to do some laps in the meantime.

I'd hate to interrupt Rash's lap running, but there's something I have to tell you.

Oh no.

Oh yes. Today is the birthday of Rash!

It was. It really really was.

Oh yeah? Well... you stink!

Juts train the friggin' monster.

Yes, sir...

That was some powerful lensflare right there. How did he learn to do that.

Joy taught him.

Joy? Oh... Oh crap, right.

Maybe I can have Rash kill Joy and make it look like an accident. To the shooting range!

Damn that toucan straight to the fiery depths of hell!

Oh god oh god oh god oh god LOONGEAR COME QUICK!

If it's Rash's birthday again, I'm going to give you a black eye.

No, it's even better! I got all five diamonds from the cup jelly labels!

What's a "Fun Can"?

I don't know, but I want it. I'll just stick these in the mailbox now.

Five minutes later...

Well open it up already!

Fine, fine! Geez.

Can you read the instruction manual for me?

You can't read?

I can, but my hands are full of wooden blocks right now.

Oh fine. Let's see... "Ducken assembly kit". There's a picture of the finished product on the other side.

I think I've got it!

That is the most ass-ugly toy I've ever had the misfortune of seeing in my life.

...You're right. It doesn't even look like the Ducken on the manual. I'm just going to feed it to Rash.

You're gonna what?

Good lord, that monster will eat anything.

Are you high? The Fun Can was the biggest waste of time and money since your singing classes.

Yeah, but I kind of want that doll now.

You should have thought of that before feeding it to Rash. Speaking of which, let's see what else it'll eat.

Make a note, Colt. Rash can't eat speeding boulders.

Got it. By the way, there's an official tournament this week. Do you think we should enter Rash?

Hmm... I don't know. This seems like the kind of thing I'll have to deliberate on.

You mean you're going to ask people on your blog again.

Shush! And yes. I'll be right back.