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Part 26: Stables For Bread

Part 26

Boot camp [Sep 6th, 1005|12:59 pm]

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Right as I finished telling Solid it was time for training, he leapt into action. We didn't even get the chance to decide what course to send him on.

He set up the dominoes himself, and punched them down right after. I'm glad he's gung-ho about being trained, but the fact that we can't really control him is a little unnerving.

Can't argue with the results, though. I decided to coral Solid into the target course, hoping he could nail that toucan. Or at least improve his aim.

He seemed disappointed. I thought it was because the bird was still alive, but then I saw his growth chart...

One. Whole. Point. I feel sick. And just when I was at my worst, Colt runs up to me with my checkbook in hand.

I think it's time to upgrade our monster stable.

And what is that supposed to mean?

I don't know, but it definitely doesn't mean stables are for eating.

...Are you going somewhere with this, or did you just want to annoy me?

Buy a new stable for our monsters.


Why not?

Like what?

Like golems, and those big floppy dogs we saw at the tournaments. They can't fit in our current stable. I bet we could raise dinosaurs, too.

Dinosaurs, you say? Well then, let's do it!


Remember, dinosaurs.

...Make the call. I'm going to go cry for a few days.

My moneeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyy

You can come out of the bushes now, Binto.

35 minutes later...

Is... is this gingerbread?

Binto ran away.

Goddamn cheap contractors! Colt, I want you to waterproof this gingerbread.

Why me?!

Because your stupid stable reduced my cash down to THIS. I'm going to race Solid in the meantime.

What if I don't want to waterproof the stable?

2000 is still enough to hire a hitman.

...Yes, sir...

I'm not sure how he's able to run that well without legs, but whatever works, I guess. Now, to see how tough Solid's slimy coating is.

He crawled through those pounding shafts without so much as a scratch. I'm impressed.

At least, I was. How can he gain so little doing this? It boggles the mind.

Also, before passing out from exhaustion, Colt informed me that we have 3 whole tournaments to choose from this month. We can fight in a piddling thing for some cash, the official E Cup or the official D Cup. Or we can skip them all together and focus on training.

What do you guys think I should do?