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Part 30: Self Service

Part 30

I think he's trying to kill me [Dec 5th, 1006|11:03 am]

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We decided to focus on improving Solid's aim. He didn't seem to take it well, but he obeyed.

After missing that toucan, AGAIN, Solid snuck off to the power course on his own.

Colt found him sneaking around outside one night.

She thought he was just being silly, but something bothers me. He was skulking right outside my bedroom window. As Colt led him back to his pen, he pointed at me and mouthed out "You". But that won't stop me from making him throw more rocks.

Now we're cooking with gas

It's been like, a year. Most plants sprout after a month, tops.

It must be because you can't raise anything right.

You are so going into the river.

Where's Solid Waste?

Why are you asking me? Looking after him's your job.

Oh. Right. I guess I'd better find him.

He was just training! Nothing to worry about.

It doesn't bother you that he trains himself all the time?

Of course not. It means we have a special monster.

Sure... special. Now if we can just have him stop making faces at me.

And also, we got an errantry coupon.

You just love throwing these things at the last minute, don't you?

It makes me happy.

Well guys, we've got another big choice to make. Errantry or fighty time? And which course/tournament do we send Solid to?